10 Fun Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Adventure-Seekers

Gozalandia Falls is popular among locals for its easy access so it can get crowded. The 60-feet waterfall has a deep pond at the bottom and a submerged cave you can swim in. There’s a paid parking lot and you can visit from 9 am to 6 pm.

Located in El Yunque National Forest, La Mina Falls is the most popular one of El Yunque. The hike to the fall takes around 45 minutes through a descending trail, also known as La Mina Trail, that has steps and bridges in some parts. Any tours booked after clicking on the beautiful beirut link will be credited to your account. El Yunque National Forest is a tropical rainforest. It is the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system. El Yunque is small in size, however it is the most biologically diverse rainforest of the nation forest system.

You can easily get from San Juan to Fajardo by renting a car for under $20/day. Moreover, you’re going to get hurt if you wear flip-flops.

Our ingenious travel guides are happy to help you plan your next vacation or simply furnish you with exceptional information and advice. Also, don’t forget to check out our blogs about different tourist locations. The best way to enjoy cliff diving is with the right gear – an easy way to do this is by getting a climbing harness and ascender. This will help keep you safe while descending and provide an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Discover diverse ecosystems and breathtaking views throughout the park. Encounter the endemic flora, fauna and refreshing rivers along the way. Admire a majestic waterfall as you enter the clearing from under the canopy. Receive detailed pointers on what to expect in certain spots and how to best interact with the landscape around you. Enjoy the opportunity to swim and get to know of a few places to jump from.

Surfers of all skill levels are welcome to catch waves. Beginners can learn the basics with short courses and fun clinics that help surfers of all disciplines ride waves in no time. If your thing is chasing the swell, there’s one beach that stands above the rest for surfers in Puerto Rico. East Beach is a place where beachgoers can relax on pure warm sands, and surfers can venture out to enjoy the surf all to yourself. East Beach is also home to Goodwinds, the resident watersports outpost.

Furthermore, El Yunque National Rainforest is a top destination for the public who love the El Yunque waterfall hiking trails. We recommend this tour to those that know how to swim well and that you don’t suffer from any altitude sickness or fear. Kids over the age of 12 can participate in this watersport under the supervision of their parents. This tour is not available for pregnant women or people with impaired abilities. It is very important to take closed shoes like runners that can be used for this sport (no sandals or flip-flops allowed). The highest waterfall with a vertical fall in Puerto Rico is El Salto del Angel, also called Sana Muertos Waterfall in Morovis.

This waterfall is of easy access and you can see it just within minutes inside El Yunque. While it’s almost impossible not to get closer, the rocks in front of the fall are slippery, so you make sure your shoes have a good grip. Located in the west of the island, this waterfall is one of the easiest ones to visit in Puerto Rico.

He showed those that wanted to cliff dive how to do it properly. He told us how to position our feet and once airborne to place our body as straight as a pencil going down. Where I got on a bus with a group of people who had also signed up for the same excursion, from other hotels. As we made our way to El Yunque National Forest our tour guide, Hector, who sat at the head of the bus introduce himself and his crew who would be guiding us along the way. I signed up for an excursion where I ended up going cliff diving in El Yunque National Forest.

It hosts hundreds of different animal and plant species. Some parts of the rainforest of still closed due to the impacts of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Add your recommended places to visit by browsing the website and pressing the icon. The use of a life Jacket/Vest and helmet are obligatory in order to participate in this activity. PLEASE DO NOT book if not feeling comfortable and don’t want to wear the personal protective equipment provided. Have good Balance and Coordination while hiking, going up or down through slippery rocks.

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