13 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Puerto Rico

Before getting on a taxi or tuk-tuk , you have to negotiate with the driver about the price. And you only need to pay the fare after arriving at the destination, and no extra tip is required. In average restaurants, if the meal cost is less than 300 rupees, the are there nude beaches in spain tip is 10% of the meal cost, i.e. 30 rupees. For meals costing 300 to 1,000 rupees, tips range from 7% to 10%. That is, a meal of 1,000 rupees requires a tip of 70 to 100 rupees. If a meal costs over 1000 rupees, you need to pay a tip 5% to 7% of the meal cost.

We honk to say hi, to make you know the light changed, to catch your attention, and to curse at you too. You will be able to tell the difference, just make sure you don’t do anything to receive the “cursing” honk. While Old San Juan sports the most famous Puerto Rico landmarks, very few travelers know some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, and the best landmarks are outside San Juan. So if you have some extra time make sure to visit other areas as well, even as a day trip from San Juan. Please note that APO/FPO deliveries can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on local conditions at destination. Forwarding services use US Postal Service to deliver to APO/FPO addresses, and USPS package tracking is not available to final destination.

If you only have one day, stick to San Juan and explore Old San Juan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The distillery is a tourist favorite for rum tastings and learning about how the sugar and rum industries — and slavery — shaped the island. Flight time from Miami to Puerto Rico is about two-and-a-half hours, making it entirely possible to leave the mainland U.S. in the morning and be on San Juan’s world class Caribbean beaches by noon.

In most restaurants, a tip of 2-5 soles or any leftover change is entirely sufficient. At fancier and gourmet restaurants (you’ll know if you’re at one) such as those found in Lima and Cusco, a 10% tip is recommended but not obligatory. There is no tipping necessary for taxis, regardless if they are hailed from the street or arranged ahead of time with an official company.

Your prices will vary according to departure cities and travel dates. Prices may change dynamically and at times significantly numerous times during any given day. Remember that it is perfectly okay to abstain, especially if you are not happy with the service provided. This is also true for hotel staff, however, if you should encounter a problem with the service within the hotel, we highly recommend speaking with the manager.

Tips are generally not expected in bars, but are not uncommon. In Germany tips are commonplace in restaurants and bars (not in self-service restaurants). Not tipping is automatically understood as a criticism of the service.

Tipping in Hong Kong is customary in a few situations but can create legal issues due to some Hong Kong specific ordinances prohibiting tipping for certain services such as public utilities. Many traditional restaurants offer carry-out (“pick-up,” “take-out, or “curbside”) service, and standards for tipping for such services vary. It’s nice to leave a tip in the case of exceptional service or difficult orders, or simply to show your generosity. Tipping is customary in restaurants offering table service.

Tipping is not expected in PNG and in all but the most up-market establishments would cause surprise. Bribery is a problem in PNG so any tip except in a restaurant could be considered quite inappropriate. In general it is best to avoid tipping altogether except, perhaps, for leaving just the coins received as part of your change. Tips are common, and rules sometimes complex, at nicer hotels. Motels, cheap hotels, and bed & breakfasts are generally not places for tips outside of restaurants and bars.

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