20 Cheesiest Spanish Pick-Up Lines That Work Every Time

But it makes sense because the history of immigration and slavery has brought people from many cultures that each influenced what Cuban Spanish is today. Many people think Cuba is a small Caribbean country but it’s the largest island in the Caribbean. If a word ends in ado or ada sometimes the d sound is skipped, cansado becomes cansao. Cubans sometimes pronounce Rs as Ls if it’s at the end of words. The Spanish language of Cubans defies all rules I previously learned.

—This isn’t necessarily slang because it can be used more formally, but it refers to something or someone from Guayaquil. — Fusion of the wordhorno and Guayaquil, which is used to curse the unbearable heat of this city. If you know how sketchy parts of Guayaquil can be, then you’ll know exactly how handy this word is. — You haven’t truly partied in Ecuador until you’ve ridden on achiva,or party bus.

”and want to encourage your conversation partner to keep chatting about their life. When making plans to hang out, you can humorously warn your friend not to break the plans by saying “Quedamos para el jueves.¡Verás! It doesn’t always mean “call me,” rather, your friend is suggesting that you just set off punto mean their ringtone so they see your phone number or know you’re ready to meet up. Ecuador might just serve up the best slang in the Spanish-speaking world. Draw a ghost on the top of the cupcake with white frosting in a piping bag. A little cake for one person, baked in a small, cup-shaped mold and often iced.

Synonyms are also useful to know to avoid repeating yourself as well as to expand your vocabulary. This list of English synonyms for the word mamacita is provided by Thesaurus. You shouldn’t capitalize happy birthday in Spanish. Spanish is very unfriendly when it comes to capitalizing words, so unless you’re dealing with proper nouns, you should err on the side of using lowercase letters.

You can’t go to that concert on the dangerous side of the city? This became popular thanks to the Ecuadorian comedy group EnchufeTV—you canwatch one video in the famous series here. You’ll also hear a TON of Ecuadorian slang in this video. Find similar words to cupcake using the buttons below. You shouldn’t text your ex happy birthday if you haven’t moved on yet.

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