21 Hairstyles to Sleep In: Curly, Wavy, Straight and Short Hair

All you have to do is take a neat T-shirt, flip your hair to the top of your head, and then wrap the T-shirt around the hair. You’ve had a fabulous runaround all day with an equally glorious hair. All the products did exactly what they were meant to, frizz stayed away, and you had a hair oil bottles good hair day. Want to learn how to preserve and protect your curls overnight? Scrunch gel or other curl-defining hair products into wet strands. Each will produce slightly different results, so try out a new protective style every night to see which look works best with your hair.

This will keep your hair free from sweat, moisture, and friction. Instead, tie hair back into a top knot using a fabric scrunchie made with, you guessed it, silk or satin. You’ll be less likely to wake up with a visible “dent” in your hair where you pulled it back, so you’ll save valuable styling time in the morning. Elastic hairbands are the typical go-to when you’re securing your hair for the evening.

So, brush your hair extensions thoroughly at the end of the day to get rid of tangles and prevent matting. Use the brush that is recommended for your hair extensions! Secure your hair into a bun, a low or medium ponytail, or a turned-under pony, and cover with a bonnet or scarf. Don’t pull your hair too tight in order not to damage the weft of the hair extension.

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“Just pull on your hair all on top of your head and tie a scarf around it,” says DuBois. “Anything is better than just turning your hair back and forth on your pillow with your hair loose.” In as soon as five seconds, you’ll have protected your hair. If you’ve recently started your natural hair journey, then you may have tons of questions about the best way to care for your hair—especially while you’re sleeping. Since natural hair is more likely to flatten or tangle during the night, your curly hair night routine should minimize any chance of frizz as much as possible. At night, when you’re ready to sleep, a protective hairstyle that takes too long is one you’ll avoid doing consistently.

However, make sure that you are using a hair mask made for this specific purpose because not all conditioners are suitable for overnight application. You may not be able to control this cycle, but you can influence a few external factors that harm your hair. For example, going to bed with your hair can put your locks through undue stress and cause the strands to break off and fall off. If you are wondering how to wear your hair to bed, you are in the right place. It depends on various internal and external factors you need to pay attention to.

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