30 Day MCAT Study Schedule

Students who are thoughtful and spend the time upfront creating a solid study schedule tend to perform much better on the MCAT. Odds are these students had less-than-stellar MCAT scores, one of the most important factors admissions committees consider when evaluating applications. You might also want to invest in a content review book, which will give you the basics of every subject on the MCAT. If you can afford it and need extra practice, then you should consider enrolling in an MCAT prep course or getting one of the top MCAT prep books. We also recommend taking advantage of the 4 full-length practice tests available through the AAMC website. You will also have access to previous MCAT questions and answers from the AAMC.

For more information, visit the AAMC’s page on taking the MCAT with accommodations. Premed Reddit but we caution you against employing too much of the often conflicting and misrepresentative information phd criminal justice jobs in these forums. Solidarity and community discussion are great, but the structure of this kind of discussion can often create a false sense of consensus about a given idea or strategy.

If you are missing a lot of questions, do not panic – ensure that you figure out not only why the correct answer is correct, but also why the wrong answers are wrong. Think about why you picked the answer you did, and why it and each wrong answer are wrong. If you can do this, it will ensure that you really understand how to apply the concepts and that you are set up for success. Prepare everything you will need for test day so you do not feel rushed in the morning, which can start a stream of nervous feelings – something you don’t want. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to creating your MCAT study schedule and calendar.

Can I do the same MCAT practice sections more than once? You can definitely repeat practice passages or sample MCAT questions more than once as you study. Simply wait several weeks after doing them the first time, as this will give you enough time to come back to each practice section with fresh eyes. Another metric is to continue to study as long as your scores continue to improve. If your MCAT score stabilizes, it is a good idea to take the exam, as long as that score range is acceptable to you. Do plan ahead and leave time within your university career to re-take the MCAT if needed.

Ensure that you follow our study schedule and do not re-take the test until you feel confident in your abilities. What if I need to take the MCAT exam with testing accommodations? Qualifying students may take the MCAT with adjustments to standard testing conditions, such as modifications to testing environment or testing time. Application review can take up to two months, so be sure to submit your application early. As you study, take note of how you are scoring on full-length practice tests.

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