4 Seam VS 2 Seam Fastball What’s the Difference?

How you throw a four-seam fastball is pretty simple. The arm movement of the four-seam fastball is a simple, normal pitch. It does not require the snapping of the wrist or a twist of the arm.

How do you grip a baseball for a four-seam fastball? Hold the ball so that the seams form what looks like a backward C – or a sideways horseshoe. Using your index and middle fingers grip the top of the “C”. The looser you hold the ball the faster you can throw it. Sidespin on the ball will create a flat plane while backspin will create a sinking fastball.

The grip on the seams of the baseball will determine the airflow around the ball while it is in flight. This will effect the movement of the ball on the way to the plate. The two-seam fastball will have more movement than the four-seam.

The pad of the index and middle fingers grip pitches right on the seams. The pros and cons of the two-seamer both deal with the movement. It’s a great pitch for you to use if you want to jam or confuse a hitter. If you are a righty, the pitch will run in on a right-handed batter.

Next, you can consider the velocity at which you throw. However, if you throw a little softer, then consider adding the 2 seamer to your pitch repertoire. Along with the arm slots from which the pitches are thrown, the grips will be the big differentiators between a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball. The answer to this question really depends upon who you are asking. In this article, the writer has and will be using the terms interchangeably.

The ball should rest on the inside bony surface of the first joint in the thumb. Concentrate only on the pitches quinnipiac mailing address that will contribute the most to your success. The best attribute to have when learning a new pitch ispatience.

If a pitcher is a real hard thrower, the change is more effective because the hitter has to “gear up” for a good fastball and make his decision on whether to swing much earlier. The change up is thrown with exactly the same arm action and arm speed as the fastball, but with a grip that provides less force behind the ball and therefore less speed. Gripping a two seam fastball is not much different, besides where you hold the ball.

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