41 Bold and Beautiful Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you’re thinking black hair with blue highlights, the midnight blue hair color is an ideal pick. If you’re going for balayage, it’s very important to choose an optimal shade for your midshafts. All in all, you’re working with a black base, which means that even a slightly unmatching color will make your look too drastic and unnatural. When mixing unusual shades, they should match one another so perfectly to create a natural appearance. And here, you can see how dark roots smoothly transit to a cooler temperature of various bluish shades. Ask your stylist what shade of blue will work best for your particular black tone to get the most of this idea.

If you have a wide face, dark roots will make your face appear longer and slimmer. This color blend will also make green, blue, and hazel eyes pop. The violet takes on a more pinkish hue with subtle but strong hints of purple. Purple, the color of femininity; blue, the color of intelligence and strength. If you are looking for a darker shade, dye your hair midnight blue, as you see here on singer Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper definitely makes a statement with her dramatic blue curls.

This color is perfect for brunettes with cool undertones. This is a color blend that people will remember for years to come. The bright aquamarine shade creates a breathtaking contrast with the deep amethyst hue in this stunning hair blend. Style your hair in loose waves to take this look up a notch.

It starts off with a dark brown hair color and once again gracefully fades into a light blue color. This is another ombre design and is very popular, especially when using fun and unique colors like blue. The blue at the ends is almost an ice blue hair and compliments the darkness of the hair at the top. Inspired by the turquoise gem, this light blue hair color is a soothing blend of blue and green with a small dose of yellow. This blue green hair color can easily suit skin tones on the fairer side.

What you do need to consider is what kind of blue you want to go for. One blue shade that is absolutely stunning and looks great on short hair is royal blue hair. If you have been following the latest hair trends, you’ll know that bold hair colors are everywhere this year. Violet and hints of pink and lavender blend together to form this stunning color palette.

Hair colors inspired by gemstones are making waves right now. This lovely hair color blend is following that trend. It starts off as an amethyst purple at the top that gradually blends how to make naturally straight hair wavy into a brilliant azure hue. If you love bright colors and have a fair skin tone, this look is totally for you! You can see a deeper blue just where the blue meets the purple.

You can achieve a unique image without highlighting. The main advantage of the dark blue hair color is that it’s easier to maintain on dark hair. You can come up with various ombre and balayage options to keep the root touch-ups to a minimum. If you’ve decided to get dark blue hair color, there are a few vibrant options for you to consider.

Here are some things I didn’t realize about coloring my hair that you should definitely read up on before taking that plunge. Andy focuses on getting readers familiar with the latest and trendiest hairstyles. There’s pretty much no style she has yet to try, and her mission is to help everyone find the perfect look they seek. When Andy is not gushing about hairstyles, she spends most of her time reading through her giant collection of sci-fi books or watching old Star Trek shows. This hair dye would be difficult to create, but it obviously is not impossible. This is a really fun look and is especially very current.

Looking for a blue hairstyle that stands out from the rest? This ombre starts off with dark blue and the hair just gets lighter in two different blue tones. For this look, the hair starts off dark blue and then blends into a gorgeous lighter blue shade. This is another ombre idea that reminds us of mermaids and oceans.

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