50 Tasteful Blue Black Hair Color Ideas To Try In Any Season

This hair color looks fun and sits like a light cloud on your head. Want to know about the popular hair colors that would suit dark skin? A gentle, sky-blue hair shade keeps your look soft — but still celebratory — with a pop of color. Best on anyone with a fair complexion, how to not get hot roots complement this hairstyle with peachy blushes and the shimmering makeup a hair color this fun deserves. Asian ladies will hopefully find inspiration in this look. It features dip-dyed tips, with the shade of blue extending half-way up the length of the hair.

As the name suggests, smokey black-blue shade focuses on the dark tones. To make the black portion prevail, ask your stylist to blend a saturated shade of blue into your dark base so that the dye comes out as a transparent layer. In this way, you will make your black hair stand out even through the blue-colored hair, switching the whole look to the dark mode.

What makes this blue ombre hair idea so special is that it mixes multiple details, from vivid to pastel, to metallic and more. It’s yet another charming option for gals with long hair. An unexpected yet brilliant color combo is red with blue. When using these two shades in an ombre hairstyle, you also enjoy a chic purple transition from one color to the other.

Just add volume at the roots and start the curl closer to the root and the grow-out won’t be as noticeable. You’ll need great conditioned hair to glossy locks like this. Make sure you’re using plenty of conditioner and go with a leave-in one with added proteins for best results. The word ‘ombre’ is actually derived from an old French word to mean shading or coloring. When looking at ombre designs on the hair, it usually means a gradual change of color, usually starting darker at the roots and aiming lighter towards the ends. This look works with the darker purples on the top and working down to the lighter blues at the end.

This is because blue and purple make people think of happy and bright things. This color is perfect for brunettes with cool undertones. This deep blue and ultraviolet color blend is most certainly on my list.

We all remember Rihanna’s red hair phase, don’t we? She gave wind to the red hair trend for black women. This bright shade of red compliments dark skin very well. Add a subtle blue to your look with a natural blue hair color that blends seamlessly into a soft blue hair color shade. Blue in some light, black in others, this hair color can often even be office-friendly.

Here is a medium to dark blue that is still very bold and bright. It is hard to find colors that are dark but still so bright, and this is what is so great about dark blue hair is that it can be both. You will be able to get the dark color of hair you would want along with the brightness and boldness that you get with the blue color and combine them together.

This brown and blue hair features almost a straight line between the two colors. The sharp change of color lends particularly well to certain hairstyles, as we see here. The topknot is in the spotlight thanks to the bright cobalt strands against the dark brown roots. An ocean-inspired dark blue hair color is a cute way to flaunt your amazing hair texture and style. With such high-quality hair color, you’ll catch the light and show off an incredible shine that reflects the sea.

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