7 Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens of 2022

It was amongst the easiest to use with an intuitive control panel; plus, the ability to follow along on the app. It even can be controlled with Alexa if you want to adjust your cook time or temperature. The Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro comes with many accessories, including two wire racks, a broiling rack, a baking pan, a pizza pan and an air frying/dehydrating rack. Air fryer toaster ovens offer all the versatility of a toaster oven or countertop oven with the additional benefit of air frying. Compared to stand-alone air fryers, air fryer toaster ovens can be used for more cooking tasks and differ in design, making them more versatile.

Larger foods may not fit as well and cook unevenly or stick together. While the basket is a bit small and the air fryer only air fries it’s still a great option. The digital interface was easy to use, and you can save your most used settings as presets, like 350 degrees for 10 minutes. I’d say this air fryer makes a great gift for grads moving into their first apartment as well as a great appliance for someone who already has everything but an air fryer.

Nicole Papantoniou is the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, where she oversees all testing related to cooking and drinking. She has tested more than 15 air fryer toaster ovens herself and also helped developed one of the best-selling air fryer toaster ovens on the market more than six years ago. When searching for an air fryer you’ll want to consider how much space you have and what features you’ll wheat in health foods need. If you have a microwave and oven in your home, you’ll probably be fine with an upright air fryer because it’ll give you another option for cooking foods without taking up much space. If you’re looking to cook larger quantities of food, you’ll be better off with an air fryer oven. Because air is moving around your food while cooking, you’ll want to lay food flat in the basket or on the tray and flip halfway through for an even cook.

The air fryer is essentially a mini-oven with over a dozen settings and rearrangeable interior racks. I did notice the pizza was darker on the half nearest the door, but the nuggets were cooked evenly. This model would be perfect for a dorm room (if they’re allowed?) as well as a large family or someone looking to cook large portions quickly with minimal cleanup required. Most air fryers heat up to 400 degrees but competitor dual basket air fryers usually heat up to 450 degrees which can be regarded as a high temperature air fryer. While Amanda finds air fryers to be solid substitutes for an oven in most cases, the “bake” function doesn’t always work well. Even though some air fryers have the baking function, Amanda has found that the circulating hot air tends to dry out baked goods.

Some air fryers, like the ones that use baskets, may not be wide enough for all your food to fit evenly, especially pizza, chicken breasts, potato skins and the like. In these cases, you might want an oven-style air fryer to avoid having to cook foods in batches. When it comes to small appliances worthy of occupying your kitchen-countertop space, air fryers reign supreme. Far surpassing the potential of toaster ovens and microwaves, air fryers can be used to whip up everything from French fries to salmon and more. Next up, I utilized the dual zone cooking functionality to make two side dishes, crispy Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes. I loved that I could set one side to the “air fryer” setting and the other side to the “roast” setting, and then individually plug in cooking temperatures and times.

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