7 Best Long Distance Running Shoes, 100+ Shoes Tested in 2023

If I were limited to one shoe for every type of running, the Craft PRO Endur would most certainly be it. Mix and match the color of the laces, upper, midsole, swoosh, and even add your own inspirational message on the tongue. There’s also tons to like about the extremely snug Flyknit upper that’s as cozy as a sock.

This works for you since it also has a very low “drop”—the difference in the heel height to the toe—that encourages runners to run more “naturally” on their forefoot and midfoot. An updated upper keeps the foot snug, and the outsole is aggressive enough that you can take it on some easier trails. We ran often in this shoe, and while it isn’t super-bouncy or soft like other maximal cushioning shoes entering the market, it is a good-fitting shoe for your regular long runs or even speed work. You might not be stopping on a dime or making wicked-sharp turns like a race car, but the brand-new ZQuick wants your feet to have that feeling.

Based in Philadelphia, it operated as a partnership between John Goldenberg and his brothers, Michael and Frank. By 1920, Quaker Shoes had been renamed Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Co., Inc., and its shoes were sold under the brand name Bruxshu. In addition to bathing shoes and ballet slippers, it sold a gymnasium shoe, Ironclad Gyms. The company’s innovations included the 1938 introduction el 3xl oled background of orthopedic shoes for children, Pedicraft, and rubber brakes for roller skates (then known as “quick stops”), patented in 1944. For competitive marathoners, consider high-end shoes with innovative technologies, like a carbon plate (aka “super shoes”). I personally like to have a shoe that fits snug enough where my heel doesn’t lift and I have a thumb width of room in the toes.

In 1975, Brooks worked with elite runners, including Marty Liquori, a former Olympian, to design a running shoe. The collaboration produced the Villanova, Brooks’s first high-performance running shoe. It was the first running shoe to use EVA, an air-infused foam that was quickly adopted by other athletic brands.

The Peregrine line of shoes typically takes some time to break-in, but the updated topsole helps reduce break-in time. These shoes weigh in at 9.8 ounces and have a fast and responsive feel that make them an ideal shoe for trail racing, but their durability makes them a great daily trail shoe as well. While these may not have as much responsiveness as a truly lightweight shoe, they make up for that with a smooth and comfortable ride that will help prevent fatigue even on long runs. The outsole of the shoe provides great grip which makes it possible to take this shoe from the road to some light trails if you’re looking to change up the scenery to get through those long runs.

Typically with this much foam underfoot you lose some sensitivity, but not with the Nimbus Lite 3. Our testers found the shoe to be fairly flexible, moving well with the feet and allowing them to react. Most budget shoes will use lower-quality foam underfoot to keep the price low. However, bottom-of-the-barrel foam breaks down much faster, leaving you at risk of injury and in need of a replacement.

Brooks Sports, Inc., also known as Brooks Running, is an American sports equipment company that designs and markets high-performance men’s and women’s sneakers, clothing, and accessories. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Brooks products are available in 60 countries worldwide. For forefoot/midfoot strikers, look for shoes with added forefoot support and lower drop. Already in it’s 21st edition, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS sure fits the bill for runners who overpronate and suffer from foot conditions like flat feet. It is our mission to test every single long-distance shoe on the market and let you know about the best options. For those looking for a surprisingly stable, supportive super-shoe racer that’s still plenty bouncy, the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 might just be the ticket to your next marathon PR.

This running shoe roundup includes the best shoes for running based on the results of our running shoe reviews. In 2011, Brooks became the leading running shoe in the specialty market. On its 100-year anniversary, with a 29% market share, Brooks revenue hit $500 million.

Brooks Running has implemented environmentally conscious practices into their business and manufacturing practices. Several models of their shoes have High Performance Rubber Green outsoles that are made with sand instead of petroleum. The company says that it uses recycled materials to make other parts of their shoes “whenever possible”, including laces, fabrics, hangtags and packaging. Brooks’s Run Happy tag line first appeared in print advertising in 1999. Brooks introduced a full-line of technical running and fitness apparel for women and men in the spring of 1997.

Bright as they are, all of these pale in comparison to the last colourway which I can only describe as akin to a zerbra running so fast, it looks blurred. It’s bold and is the antidote for those bored with trainer colours. The women’s Energy Boost were shown in three colours, so spoilt for choice. The friendly and knowledgeable people at adidas made me very welcome, taking me through all the relevant products and new product innovations. Here below you’ll find a video interview and many shoe previews.

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