9 MCAT Study Tips from Reddit That Are Absolutely Wrong

Our best advice is to star the cards that you miss and come back to the decks that you’ve done after 2 days, a week, and once a month so that all of that information stays in your long-term memory. Another downside is that some of the advanced features like self-testing with images cost extra. Why would I buy your paid services if you give your information out for free? The information we provide in our blogs and videos is the same information we give to our students in one-on-one consulting sessions. However, one-on-one consultations are more personalized.

When you should take an MCAT prep course depends on several factors, including how familiar you are with the MCAT content and your style of studying. Do you prefer to have lots of time or do you like to cram? It is often recommended that the average student spend between 300 and 350 hours preparing for the exam. Students who complete the slowpitch softball pitching machine Live Online course and don’t see an increase in their score will receive either another six months of MCAT Live for free or a full refund minus the cost of AAMC resources. Students taking an online course for six or more months will receive another three months of access for free or a full refund, minus the cost of AAMC resources.

To practice timing, consider doing blocks of 20 science questions in 30 minutes. Practice endurance as well by doing 12 CARS passages in 2 hours. From there, a normal MCAT section should feel like a breeze. Try to skim through all of your flagged questions and focus on the few hardest questions for you. In general, it makes much more sense to spend an extra 30 seconds in the initial read of the question while your brain has been synthesizing the information at hand.

You get videos, Qbank, tests—everything you could possibly need for your MCAT prep. Self-paced, an online-only course that includes a library of 500-plus videos, 10 MCAT books, thousands of practice questions, and 16 full-length practice tests. The best MCAT prep courses cover both content and strategy, offer fully online learning options, and allow students to customize their studies to meet their needs and exam timeline. To help you determine which MCAT prep course is the best for you, we scoured the details of the most popular courses available.

However, practice tests can improve your MCAT score even more if you use them to simulate test-day conditions. As part of our online MCAT course, we walk our students through every aspect of the test-day experience. Here are a few pro-tips and aspects of test-day that will help you maximize the benefit from your practice tests. Save at least 4 AAMC FLEs until your last month of studying.

We have the chance to address each student’s needs and tailor their MCAT prep specifically for their circumstances. You can use tested and professionally approved prep tactics you find on authoritative sites like ours. Not only do we provide thorough guidelines for every MCAT section, but we also review sample questions and expert analysis of correct answers. Make sure to visit our blog for most up-to-date information on MCAT prep and when you should take the MCAT. Whatever your situation is, remember that while MCAT Reddit and other premed discussion boards are there for support and chitchat, they cannot be your primary source of information about the MCAT. The information on MCAT Reddit is not vetted and reliable.

For added flexibility, students can easily sign up for an alternate class meeting or watch a recorded lesson if they need to miss a class for any reason. The Princeton Review’s Essentials Course is regularly $2,799, but is on sale for $2,399 as of November 2022. It’s available online and in person, and includes 123 hours of live content and instruction with access to a team of subject matter experts.

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