Air Hockey Tables Adult & Kids’ Air-Powered Tables

Please click here for help on how to enable javascript. The downside for our table was that the puck would simply stop moving in some parts of the table. Calling Escalade Sports support provided some suggestions which included vaccuuming the surface holes, and applying Pledge to the surface to make it more slick.

The electronic scoring seems to cut out and doesn’t work sometimes. The edges of the playing surface is made of aluminum and seems sturdy. There are two motors providing rhino air hockey table the air-flow. The scoring is automatic along with the time keeping. Some audio is played to recreate a hockey rink, including an announcer who signals goals.

The Dynamo is built to last and is priced accordingly. Can’t say the same for the table you bought. I’m returning my Rhino Play Air-powered 7.5 ft hockey table to Costco. Unfortunately, I wasted an entire evening of my time (and a friend’s) dragging this huge, heavy unwieldy table home. I read the reviews here and found the puck dragging stories to be completely true.

I felt the motors might be underpowered, so they sent out a pair of motors. Assembly takes about 3 hours and requires about 3 adults to turn the table upright without rotating over the legs. The assembly is well documented and fairly straight-forward. The only issues we had was one of the screws for the legs was difficult to insert and the corner pieces were also a little tight. Moving the table will be quite difficult once it is installed, so be sure to have it in the right place before assembly. This is a review of the Rhino Play Air-powered 7.5 ft Hockey Table, Model G03996, made by Escalade Sports.

Forget about transporting this beast home in your car or small SUV. A full size pick-up or van is needed, as well as several strong adults for assistance, as the table weighs in at nearly 300 pounds. Unfortunately, the scoreboard is not working, I have called the number and they quickly said they will send a new one, whcih I though was great service, it’s been 3 weeks and no scoreboard has arrived yer. It’s pretty heavy, took two of us to carry it up two flights of stairs. Also it took only 40 minutes for assembly.

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