Meet the Steve Jobs of the All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback Industry

Note that the All Pro Passer requires 4 “C” batteries, sold separately. Once verified, the information you provide will be displayed on our site. © Copyright 2006—2022 Toy Insider LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in any form is prohibited without prior written consent difference between two seam and four seam fastball of Toy Insider LLC. All photographs, logos and artwork are the property of their respective owners. Let me introduce you to the most accurate quarterback you’ll ever meet. No, not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees — I mean the All-Pro Passer from NSI International.

This has 9 different routes that you can select with the arrows. When the red light goes to your route of choice you will then hit the Lock button. This step must be done prior to pumping, as it will lock the ball in.

Thanks to my guys at Monarc for adding me to the family! Super pumped to be a part of the future of football. Excited to add this bad boy to my training routine on the daily.

The ball is much small than a normal sized ball and it would be awesome if they made one with a regulation size ball for those working on taking their skills to the next level. My first thought was this was great for parents when they get tired of throwing the ball over and over to their kids. They can tag in the All-Pro Passer to keep the kids entertained while they rest up and grab a cold drink. But their technology, which allows Monarc to track athletes 30 to 40 times a second, is applicable to sports like soccer and baseball. Along with more colleges adopting the Seeker, Monarc hopes upper-tier high school football programs will follow suit.

One of Theisen’s best friends, Riley McCarron, was a walk-on wide receiver for Iowa who struggled to get enough reps in, necessitating a product like the Seeker. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Maximize your practice by eliminating guesswork and drastically increasing quality reps. Using the Seeker touchscreen and joystick, send the ball exactly where you want and how you want it, every single time. All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback is recommended for children Ages 8+ but we had smaller children playing with a adult’s help.

So, there’s no extra sensors needed to be worn by players. The Robotic Quarterback can actually throw the mini foam football up to 25 yards! There are nine different programs the All Pro Passer can be set to perform. The long routes were the most fun to train with and get the best exercise.

A busy spring of demos was halted because of the coronavirus, forcing Monarc to focus on individual NFL players. The Seeker minimizes unnecessary fatigue and allows the players to get the reps they need without having to have them linger after practice. It’s incredibly innovative; it allows our guys to get more reps and more out of the workout. The players are really enjoying it, and it’s making us better since we’ve gotten in. Simply clip your Pulse tag on, select your drill and start receiving quality reps – entirely alone. As the kids came home and saw Charlie and David playing, they all asked to take turns.

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