Auxiliary Gym

Most athletes will use compound exercises for the majority of a training program and use isolation exercises to complement that program as needed. The short head of the biceps is positioned on the inside of the upper arm and attaches to the coracoid process of the scapula , and inserts into the biceps tendon down near the elbow. The short head is most known for its roles in elbow ptr sports flexion and supination of the forearm or wrist. When people talk about the short head, they’re usually referring to the biceps peak. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, you adjust your body position. The ability to train muscles of the forearm — most notably the brachioradialis — and also muscles of the upper arm, like the brachialis and short head of the biceps.

Free weights usually tax the biceps in their mid-range position — as these tools are heaviest when they’re farthest from the body. To maximize strength development, you want to train with higher loads and fewer overall reps per set. Do three to six sets of four to six reps with moderate to heavy weight. The number of sets and reps performed is generally relative to the weight being lifted.

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This variation, which has you lift two D-handles with a neutral grip, lets you lift more weight as you curl the handles all the way up and down, keeping your hands in a neutral position. Because you’re squeezing the handles hard, you’ll also activate a lot of the muscles in your forearms for a grip boost. To increase activation of the forearm muscles, you can add Fat Gripz to the handles. As you may have deduced by now, replacing any free weight with cables is a great way to level up an already effective movement.

This is the primary workstation area used by nurses and other patient care staff; these personnel are typically assigned to a specific ward of the facility. Includes ward reception and admissions desks and records or charting work areas. As previously mentioned, your accessory exercises need to be performed after your primary exercises. To understand the importance of accessory exercises in your workout, you must first understand the importance of primary exercises. One popular term you’ll often hear in and around the weight room?

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