Best Crochet Kits for Beginner Crocheters

Although this is a fairly easy kit, I feel it’s probably a better fit for intermediate crafters or those with some basic crochet fundamentals under their belts. Since materials are good quality, this product can get a little pricey, but it’s totally worth the buy, especially considering this is an item made to last. One of the main things that attract people to crochet kits is the opportunity to create beautiful, handmade, wearable items. For beginners, crochet kits are a handy alternative to comprehensive crochet classes. For crochet connoisseurs, they can be an entertaining introduction to a new project. It really helped me learn how to read a pattern and to complete various steps of an amigurumi.

This starter crochet kit is a great option for the beginning crocheter who would prefer to learn the craft from a book but still wants to add some more personalization by picking out the yarn they use. The set includes five metal crochet hooks in sizes G to K, an Afghan hook, two plastic darning needles, seven stitch markers, a pair of scissors, and a stitch gauge. It also comes with a physical book that walks you through basic crochet stitches, including instructions for left-handed crocheters and 15 patterns. You will need to purchase yarn to practice and make your first projects with, but don’t worry — the patterns in the book will tell you what kind of yarn you need. This set has all of the physical materials you’ll need to get started crocheting. You’ll also get 12 skeins of acrylic yarn, each in different colors, that are 110 yards each, so you should have more than enough for your first practice swatches and projects.

The kit is designed for crafters ages eight and up, and there are instructions and materials to create a mini bag, a coaster, and a placemat after learning the basic stitches. Crochet kits come with everything you need to help get your beginning crocheting journey off on the right foot. These kits include pattern, all the yarn needed to complete the project, instructions, and hook and material recommendations. Not only do these kits come with everything you need to complete a learn to crochet project, but they also allow you to be as creative as possible with your crocheting – even as novices! Darn Good Yarns’ Crochet Kits are fun and will totally get you hooked!

It doesn’t include an instructional guide, so if you’re a complete beginner but want to learn from video tutorials or other online resources, this is a great kit for you. Our favorite overall crochet kit was the Inscraft 40 Acrylic Yarn Kit. We found it particularly great for making amigurumi or other small projects. This kit includes a good spread of smaller aluminum hooks with comfortable and ergonomic slide-on rubber grips. The 9 hooks, along with the included accessories all fit in a small zippered hard case for easy transport. This case then fits in a zippered cube with 40 small skeins of 100% acrylic yarn in various colors.

At the back of the group is the Harry Potter and Darn Good Yarn DIY Cactus kits, as both are poor choices for beginners. The full-color printed instructions manual made this kit very approachable. There are literally thousands of videos showing you different stitches and techniques. You can add interest and texture by using yarns with different colors and thicknesses. It is a minimalist big and roomy bucket bag that is perfect for carrying everything from your beach towel to groceries.

If you have plenty of your own yarn and are just looking for a top-notch kit with all the tools you need to start crocheting, the BeCraftee Crochet Hook Set is one of the best options out there. The included hooks for this kit are quite comfortable to crochet with, as they have larger molded ergonomic grips that reduce supplies for crocheting pressure points and hot spots. The hooks are deep enough to easily grab all the piles of the yarn and have enough of a point that you can work them through tighter stitches without issues. Choosing a crochet kit with a variety of hook sizes means you’ll be able to make a larger variety of projects in the future.

While we wish there were more hooks included, the Mira kit and the expansive resource library of e-books makes this one of our favorites to recommend to novices. Here are step by step instructions on working a single crochet stitch and learning the half double crochet stitch and how to make a chain. As you might expect, the absolute easiest crochet projects use a simple stitch such as a single crochet or a half double crochet stitch. It works up quickly with chunky yarn and you get to pick your own color. If you’re looking for a creative gift, this is definitely an item to consider, whether you want to create it yourself or give it as a kit to get your loved one hooked on the craft. Your kit will include a pull cord that is pretty long so if you’re making a gift for a child, be sure to shorten it.

While we will admit that these kits include everything you need — instructions, hooks, yarn, and accessories — the patterns are quite difficult for a novice. These kits are great for an experienced crocheter who wants a self-contained project, but there are much better options out there for beginners. The plastic hooks are very stubby and can be quite uncomfortable to crochet with.

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