Busch Light Apple Beer 6-16 fl oz Cans Beer, Wine & Spirits Memphis Cash Savers

We both like this beer especially the nice crisp apple flavor in the beer. beer forced carbonation factories Great taste in an easy drinking light beer. Ice cold easy indicator.

Does not taste fake or synthetic. A very crisp and light offering. Very thirst quenching and refreshing. The apple flavor isn’t overpowering. Pleasantly surprised that this beer was so good.

Combining the crispness of Busch with the light sweetness of apple flavor. It’s like the sound of refreshment meets the taste of the orchard. This is probably the easiest review I’ve ever done.

Clear yellow/gold color but not much of a head. Smells of apple cider/jolly rancher apple. I was shocked by the taste, and my low expectations were shattered. Taste is sour green apple fused with beer.

Like how could Busch Light Apple possibly be good? Well let’s just say this is my favorite light lager ever. On initial inspection, it looks like Busch Light, nothing interesting at all. Transparent, straw color, thin white head that evaporates quick. Raise to your nostrils and you are taken back to youthful memories of your parents bringing you to the apple orchard to pick some ripe ones.

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