Butterfly Rib Tattoos Essay 287 Words

This allows more realistic tattoos to look so without feeling overwhelmed by ornamentation. If you want to know more about the symbolism of these tattoos, we recommend this article on the different meanings of flower tattoos. If you want to know the symbolism behind this tattoo, check out our article on butterfly tattoo meanings. If you are a fan of magical stories like Alice in Wonderland, then you’re going to fall in love with this amazing tattoo design.

That said, in Western culture dragons depict destruction and chaos. Many people go for a snake tattoo primarily because they want to depict a new beginning in their life, a new chapter, or a change they’ve gone through. Full side tattoos usually follow your sides from the rib area all the way down the thigh. Some full-side tattoos expand from rib to hip areas. These tattoos are ideal for adventurous and edgy women who are all about having fun and trying out new things. Therefore, it can often feel like the bones beneath are being tattooed.

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This can be used to show how most people have two sides to their nature. If you’re looking for a rib tattoo with a lot of depth and meaning, then the sun and moon design is a good one to consider. When choosing a rib tattoo for women, your first move is to decide which flower to go with for your tattoo.

To add to this, whenever you take a breath, you are moving the skin and bone upwards and this can make it even more painful. The area around the ribs can be quite a sensual section to get a tattoo as well. You can look incredibly sexy after getting a tattoo here. For others, this tattoo is about overcoming a significant hurdle or moment in their life. Mountains can also be a symbol of strength and an unchanging landscape. Before you get a dragon side tattoo, I suggest doing some research on the topic first.

Yes, they work pretty well everywhere else, too, but the rib area gives you a few unique design options. The rib area is one of the best places to put quotes, poems, single words, and every other type of text tattoo. It’s an especially popular area for short quotes since it allows all of the words to be seen as they wrap around the side area. Some people even make shapes out of the words, which works very well if you come up with a shape that also happens to look good on the ribs. Bird tattoos look good pretty much anywhere on the body, but they make for good rib tattoos when people need a larger canvas to work with. You can have a bird flying up towards your head, or you can even have it flying horizontally across your ribs.

You can even choose to add colors to the tattoo to make it even more eye-catching and bright. People love to put the names of their loved ones on their bodies in the form of tattoos. While some prefer to add only the names, others may prefer to add them with other lovely symbols like flowers or even butterflies. For example, in the photo above, the lady has gotten two butterflies tattooed on her ribs and has added two names above them.

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