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“The HitTrax System has definitely provided a spark to our training environment and has opened an entirely new revenue stream for our business.” With HitTrax, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated, and facilities gain additional revenue streams that are not otherwise available. With HitTrax, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated.

Baseball and softball players of all ages and abilities can increase their technique and skills using the HitTrax system and have the added element of competition and instant evaluations to facilitate progress. “It was different but it was pretty fun to see how it all happened, how fast the ball came off the bat and stuff like that,” Kiernan said. “It was real fun going against other competition, especially kids that you go to school with. It’s pretty nice that you just go into the cage and actually play, like, a real game. “Advancing our proprietary tracking algorithms and incorporating the latest in camera technology has allowed us to produce a smaller, more scalable system,” says Founder, Mike Donfrancesco. Organize hitting leagues, tournaments & home run derbys, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into your facility. Whether it’s hitting leagues, tournaments or home run derby’s, HitTrax brings the excitement of the outdoor game into our facility.

The University of Notre Dame was the first collegiate team to implement HitTrax, setting the trend for other universities, athletic facilities, and professional leagues to utilize it. Pitchers can also enhance their skill set by monitoring their pitch velocity, pitch location, percentage of strikes, and performance of pitch types to name a few. “Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen a considerable increase in requests from the home market and this solution will fill that need. We’re thrilled that we are now able to deliver the same technology used by the professionals directly into the player’s home.” Launch angle is a statistic normally found on sabermetric-based websites such as FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus and Baseball Savant. But Kelly said he doesn’t read those sites, rather he uses a hitting tool called HitTrax. “The integrated video capture has been a tremendous asset to our business.

The breakthrough, however, is that the data captured by the system translates into hard, objective metrics that identifies a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, detailed spray charts, hot zones, launch angle and exit ball velocity analysis offer newly-defined methods of dissecting pitching machine speed chart a player’s swing within the training environment. Go head-to-head in your favorite ballpark, organize leagues and tournaments, and play games only available with HitTrax. From home run derbies to full 9-inning games, HitTrax unlocks a new level of competition in a batting cage.

The HitTrax baseball analytics and simulation system measures never-before-captured metrics that quantify performance and help baseball and softball players and coaches identify strengths and weakness before stepping onto an actual field. In-depth reports generated by the system chart progress over time and identify performance trends. Players have the opportunity to compare their statistics against a national database of players at similar skill levels, from Little Leaguers to the professional ranks.

Baseball, commonly referred to as “America’s national pastime,” is taking a step into the future with a brand new machine, HitTrax. This aging issue is often blamed on the slower pace of baseball going against the acceleration of everyday society as we become a digitally entwined species who not only demands but expects information and feedback at increasingly quicker rates. The scalable CV algorithms will serve as the backbone for today’s indoor/outdoor system while also allowing the company to scale its product offerings and release an entry-level app for mobile platforms. The app will be targeted to consumers and serve as an introduction to HitTrax metrics. Expected release for the app is in Q1 2018, available for iOS and Android devices. A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.

Plus, customers need to pay for subscriptions to take full advantage of the entire system. If you have the extra cash and you’re serious about baseball, then HitTrax can be the high-tech baseball simulator for you. While launch angle is basically an offshoot of the swing, bat path, and timing, it is a key metric to consider when evaluating batted ball output. An athlete may be able to hit a ball hard, but it is important that the athlete hit the ball at ideal trajectories to optimize productivity.

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