Buzzed Sides w Curly Top

If there’s one thing any modern-day Rapunzel can relate to, it’s the war with tangles and knots. Now close your eyes and try to picture Rapunzel with curls. Shaved sides not only visually create more volume and texture at the top, but show off your beautiful cheekbones and jawline. This curly tapered cut with a super cute zig-zag design. If you’re looking to be even more creative with your curls, coils, and kinks, you can never go wrong with a little color.

They decided to let go of stereotypical standards of femininity and define beauty on their own terms. If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair but something’s holding you back, let their bravery be your source of strength. From faded buzz cuts to curly, cropped styles, their personal hair stories will empower you to let go. We often put more value in having long, voluminous hair— but we can do both!

Whether you opt for the straight across look or you rock side bangs, you’ll feel refreshed with this minor change. Upgrade your bob with some box braids.Contrary to popular belief, box braids aren’t just for long hair. For an even more elevated look, you can even try adding braiding beads or cuffs to this look. Give your bob some style with a side part.Part your bob to the side to give it a cooler and fuller look. We love how the side-swept fringe looks when paired with a lob.

This hair coloring technique looks especially elevated with the rich texture of coils and curls. Teeny weeny afro.If you’re anything like us, you’re probably obsessed with the pixie haircut. For this short curly haircut, it’s all about working with your natural texture. This is a great way to learn how to embrace and love the natural texture of your hair. It is a very cool hairstyle that combines space buns with curls. It is efficient as it keeps hair off the face while maintaining the style quotient.

Curly hair has a bad rap for being difficult to work, but that’s not strictly true. With the proper undercut, you can get fantastic definition and volume. Another original approach to the traditional undercut is to incorporate these defined lines that you can see in this photo below. The dramatic variations in length create an unusual yet bold and show-stopping look. Here we have another versatile style that allows you to get creative.

Be elegant and feisty when you go for a short hair shaved sides style. You can also opt for an undercut to get a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Go daringly all-eyes-on-me with this avant-garde shaved haircut for female.

By styling your bangs to the side, you achieve a lighter look that pairs well with loose curls. In order to style short curly hair like this, make sure to stay on top of trimming your ends so your bangs will look polished. Second-day hair is easier to manage what hair do u need for butterfly locs when you’re rocking the short curly hair with crown braid look. By adding a crown braid to your existing style, you add a layer of intrigue that makes you look and feel unique. Pinned up curls are a fun and flirty way to style your existing hair.

The buzz cut is a very short haircut, but a crew cut is essentially a longer buzz cut. Both the buzz cut and crew cut can be tapered or faded on the sides and back to create contrast with the short hair on top. Not only that, whereas other short hairstyles can lose their hold during the day, this cut will hold its shape for days at a time.

The minute curls along with the afro are in trend these days and will remain so in the future as well. Moreover, this look will not only make you stand out but will give you a transformation. Thus, if looking for going completely unique and unexpected, go for this hairstyle. This is something Ratnadevi Manokaran, plus-size influencer and cofounder of plus-size clothing brand The Curve Cult, knows all too well.

From layared haircuts to straight hair, we have covered them all. At the core, your hair can be a strong symbol of self-confidence, self-love, and vulnerability. This is every reason the women below are so inspiring.

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