Carteret schools to benefit from Thomas Edison State University Foundation grant

Thomas Edison State College offers degrees up to the Post-Master’s certificate. “Remembering Dr. Michael D. Reynolds, 1954 – 2019”, Sky & Telescope, November 20, 2019. “As they settled in to build their lives in Jacksonville, Mike worked three day jobs while studying at night to earn his bachelor’s degree in natural sciences at Thomas Edison State College.”

The Academic Center and Canal Banks Building are located on West Hanover Street. Henry Cooper Kelsey, the Kelsey Building is one of the architectural landmarks of the city. It housed three other schools before serving as the headquarters for Thomas Edison State University.

I feel that I am getting a quality degree that fits nicely with my career and provides an excellent foundation for moving into my Master of Health Physics this fall. Thomas Edison State College has changed so much in the last three years. True, it may be geared toward working professionals, however younger students are now considering this institution due to it’s flexibility , and cost of attendance. Obtaining a quality education with less student debt accrual seems like a great idea. I was at TESC for a year, and though the work was challenging at times, never did I encounter a problem getting help.

It seems like this is one of the first times we’ve heard about Edison’s college football career, so we were very intrigued. Successfully advanced to Level II accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, achieving approval to offer baccalaureate degrees. Established the Rapid Recovery Program with region 24 Southwest Florida Workforce Board to provide immediate nite club manager job training, academic counseling and financial aid to displaced workers across the district. Expanded opportunities for Southwest Florida students through an agreement to share the Charlotte Campus with Florida Gulf Coast University. 2005 graduates of the College’s accredited Radiologic Technology Program achieve a 100% pass rate on all national certification examinations.

I had 11 books assigned for the 3 classes, and I’ve written about 30 essays halfway through the term. What means the most to me about this school is that I’ve actually learned something from the course material. I can now speak and write intelligently on subjects that have always been rather hazy for me in the past.

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