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Frequentcutting of the sward has produced a croppedappearance over recent years, but the wetsummers of 2001 and 2002, when mowing had to be less frequent, have revealed a previouslyhidden diversity of flowering grasses and herbs. From the village green Theydon Bois is stilldominated by trees. To the west the Forest itselfclothes the rising land of the Epping Forest ridge.To the east, the mature parkland trees aroundThrifts Hall Farm crown the high ground.

Forest lawsbecame a substantial source of revenue for the Crown. The melting glaciers left behind them bothLondon and Boulder clays mixed clays withchalk, pebbles, sands and other materialsgathered from many locations. These havemostly eroded away, except for the ridgebetween Blunts Farm, Theydon Hall Farm, andThrifts Hall Farm above the village to the east.To the west, the Epping Forest ridge east ofJacks Hill is topped by pebble gravel. TheRoding Valley floor is alluvium, with gravel atPiggotts Farm. When the glaciers last retreated from the valleysof the Roding and the Lea some 12,000 yearsago the massive flows of melt-water left the formof the land largely as we find it today. LocationTheydon Bois village is located approximately 2miles south west of the town of Epping.

On behalf of the Tree Council, I am pleased to be able to endorse the Community TreeStrategy for Theydon Bois. It is an excellent piece of work that puts the trees in their fullcontext as both historical and landscape features, whilst also revealing what they mean tothe community. The instructions for registration are affixed to the packaging. forebear or forebearer The Huepar 903CR laser level is a precision instrument and should be handled with the utmost care. Relying on the IP54 certification, you can use this waterproof and dustproof leveling tool without worrying about the environment. Even when the levels to be measured are not in a straight line, you can switch to manual mode to check the levels.

The Royal Forest of Essex was designated byHenry I in 1130 and originally included most ofthe county. It included much opencountryside, and even major towns such asColchester. Edward I eventuallyagreed to reduce greatly the forested area andthe Forest of Essex was broken up into severalsmall royal forests in 1301.

It marks the Forest boundary, as described by the1641 perambulation. The hedge is mostly ofhornbeam, but it has standard trees, includingseveral superb oaks bordering the golf course,and hazel bushes, which produce hazelnuts. Until recently the shopping area at the lower endof Forest Drive suffered from an absence of treesof any kind. In 1994 the Parish Councilsponsored the planting of four London planetrees with the intention that they should, in duecourse, be managed as pollards. These are nowflourishing, and already show how much treescan add to the character of a street.

The Tree Warden Scheme is co-ordinatednationally by The Tree Council, and withEpping Forest District Council. TheydonBois has had an active group of treewardens since the start of the scheme in1994. Tree wardens can be contacted viathe parish or district councils.

1 The GreenThe main tree issue is the future of the oakavenue, given its variable condition andappearance. The intention of the Conservators isto maintain the single avenue with necessarysurgery and inter-planting for the time being, butto consult widely with residents of Theydon Boison a longer-term strategy for trees on The Green. Ancient hedgerow which divides the playing fieldto the rear. Wansfell College, off Piercing Hill, isan adult education college teaching a widevariety of courses, many on environmentalthemes.

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