Create playlists of your videos TikTok Help Center

Those who have used the feature before should tap the small plus icon beside their other playlists. However, adding videos from other creators to your playlists is impossible. In the Video tab, hit the Sort videos into playlists option if it’s your first playlist. Or, if you have already created one, hit the plus icon next to your existing playlist.

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Moreover, if you know that your followers are looking for your educational content, why not group it all together in a visible place? This will help people find your videos warframe salvage farm more easily when they need to. Once you have an existing playlist or two, you can continue to add to it simply by tapping the three-dot icon on any of your videos.

Go to the Profile tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap Add to playlist, then select Create a playlist. Playlists are TikTok are only available to a select few. Here’s how to go about making a playlist.

How you can do this will be shown in the following paragraphs. Some accounts that have access to it have over 10,000, but others have a lot less. Also, there are creators with many more followers who still haven’t gotten access to the feature.

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