Curren$y On His Upcoming NFT-Only Album, Smoke Sesh With Fans: Its So Many Things, Its Tangible

Somebody bought him a me, so he doesn’t want anything to happen to me and me not be in his eye sight. Like how he walks around with a Hot Wheel in his fist, I am just another thing that he just have. He does not feel like I’m supposed to do anything else. That’s just testament to sticking to your journey. Don’t let anybody dangle the carrot in front you, have you stepping outside of your realm, because your world will take care of you for staying true to it.

Your listeners, your base, your core audience, they’ll support you. You’ll get Rolls Royce’s if that’s what you want. In 2009, Curren$y signed with Amalgam Digital in order to release the album called “This Ain’t No Mixtape”. After this debut album, he released the second one called “Jet Flies” the same year. In 2010, this famous rapper released his third album called “Pilot Talk” and his fourth “Pilot Talk II”. But I feel like that virtual smoke session will be like… Like any of our other shows, if I step out the green room and I’m like alright you, you, you, you, those three, baby alright y’all cool and just let them in and kick it.

Also, he stated that “everybody has to reinvent the way they get paid”; thus, he aimed to do precisely that. Curren$y compared it with people who cannot afford to pay for the “best Gucci piece ever made”. However, they can purchase its NFT to “feel like they own the design”. Receiving flights and hotel accommodation to meet the rapper and attend the event.

Check out the auction and stay tuned to this Forbes column for upcoming Curren$y projects and all things cannabis. I didn’t really even know that anything that came to my mind at that point would turn into money. But once it got to the domain age google pagerank alexa rank point where it didn’t send me into a stoned madness, it became an extremely productive activity,” he continued. What we’re doing with Curren$y isn’t as in depth of that; we are making it from for more for more consumers to purchase.

Locking in with Alch is always my favorite thing to do. It’s my first time locking in with Trauma Tone, this shit been good. I’ve had a few beats from him on my mixtapes, the listeners always hold those records in high regard. This was long overdue, we had to pull up on one other. He took the first step and came to New Orleans. Man, he was always one of my favorites.

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