Curtain Bangs TikTok Hair Trend How-To

When your parents are David and Victoria Beckham, we can only imagine you’d have some seriously fashionable influence over your life . We love the way Brooklyn wears his wavy curtain cut cropped up high with an effortless and unofficial parting draped across the forehead. “When the hair is still hot, put two rollers angled slightly off their faces if they have a middle parting, one on each side sites, to create a bit of volume and a bit of a bend,” Ciarán says. But the style has boomed no doubt in part because of the pandemic.

You will find endless of tutorials on how to achieve voluminous bouncy hair in little steps and time. Curtain bangs also look great with a ponytail or in a 90’s blowout style. We’ve put together a handful is venom 2 on digital of the TikTok videos demonstrating exactly what curtain bangs are, and whether you should get them. Peep below, and while you’re at it, don’t miss how to achieve loose curls using the “sock hair” technique.

The TikTok haircut trend of fall 2020 is the classic curtain bang — which, for the uninitiated, is a ’60s-inspired fringe that hits around the cheekbones and ‘curtains’ open in the middle to frame the face. So popular are blasé bangs that ‘curtain fringe’ is peaking in popularity on Pinterest – searches are up by over 600 per cent. Creative Director or Hari’s Hair Salon Craig Taylor has intel, inspo and some essential curtain fringe ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ to keep that fringe in line. Some of them convince you that you should get curtain bangs. Trend #curtainbangs has gathered more than 198.2 million videos. The great part about curtain styled cuts is that any length and any texture can wear it well.

Layers are clearly having a moment, especially on haircut TikTok, but celeb hairstylist Weezy previously predicted in a Cosmo article that the blunt cut would be huge for 2022, and we couldn’t agree more. Weezy had previously spoken to Cosmo on the topic of 2022 hair trends. Marwa Bashir is a hairstylist and colorist and R+Co Collective member.

They’re one of the biggest Tik Tok hair trends started due to Instagram blogger Matilda Djerf. 2020 was the year of the curtain bangs, so it’s no surprise they made their way into 2021. Whether you’re considering making the cut or just aren’t sure how you’d style them, this video is sure to convince you to finally go for it. Grab a rolling brush and hairdryer for maximum volume. For instance, curtain bangs have been trending for a while and truly need no introduction, but bottleneck bangs, a slightly different take on TikTok’s favorite bangs, might.

The needs of your hair change – just like eeeeeverything else. From seasonal shifts to style updates, your hair just may be craving something new. See the products making the way to the top of our must-haves list.

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