Curve Appeal 3a 2h Curly Hair

Leave the brush at home and use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb for your best swirls. ACV rinses are good for closing the cuticle and retaining moisture. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and bring you better, safer products. We try our best but want you to be a part of our family.

If that happens, you can work on loose or flat pieces with a curling wand or a flat iron. To recreate your natural wave texture, wrap your hair around the curling rod until you achieve the needed look. It’s very important to pat your hair with a towel instead of vigorously rubbing it. By patting and slightly scrunching your locks, the towel will soak up excess water without causing much frizz.

I still have my tight curls but my hair has gotten much thinner. Is it because I have curls and I am not caring properly for them? I have had curly hair my whole life and I about 9 years ago I learned how to manage it properly but it still falls out in clumps. I have been tested for thyroid problems as well as having a pre-menopause check to see if I was low in anything.

Also, you can wrap a towel around your hair, and leave it for a couple of minutes to remove excess water. Make sure that the hair is slightly damp after towel drying. If you’re styling your wave straight, you might want to use a straightening iron or curling iron to relax some of the natural curl and instead create shiny waves. There are some products that work awesomely for both 2a 2b hair.

It is easy to confuse 1C and 2A type hair since they look nearly identical. The difference is 1C hair is straighter, while 2A hair has a better wave. While 2A hair looks naturally styled, you can always invest in a 1.5-inch curling iron.

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The hair strands itself will have gaps or holes in the cuticle which holds very little moisture. Type 3B hair consists of well-defined spiral curls that may be bouncy ringlets or tight corkscrews. The circumference of these curls is often the size of a large marker. While this type of hair has a lot of body and movement, the hair also craves moisture, which makes it prone to frizziness and dryness.

3C hair needs to be treated a little more gently than 3A and 3B. Don’t use heated styling tools on it, and let it air-dry when you get it wet. Avoid combing too, because it can break more delicate hair. After you shampoo and condition your hair, add a leave-in conditioner and then use your fingers to comb out any tangles.

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