Discover which Denman Brush you need

The original Denman brush was a hit with hairdressers and soon became a must-have tool in salons around the world. We’ll also dispel some of the myths surrounding the Denman brush, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right tool for you. Flip your head over and brush through your hair again. This will allow you to reach the layers in the back of your head. Instead, detangle first with your fingers, and a wide-toothed comb for stubborn knots.

You can use this brush on dry hair that only needs a little bit of detangling when you’re brushing through. Just make sure you’re teasing it from tip to root though, working out any snags without causing any breakage. If you have type 2 to 3 ringlets you can use this brush on freshly-detangled hair to create uniformed ringlets.

Remove the gloves, and then scrunch your roots. If you have tighter curls, check out the video below to see how JeanetteJBeauty shows how she uses a denman brush on her 3c hair to get the most out of her wash n go routine. So the Denman D41 is best used for detangling straight hair, thick curly or natural hair and also creating curl definition.

Brushing your curls helps to evenly distribute the product throughout the hair, which means that you’ll get more of the benefits of any product you’re using . To get the best curl definition using a Denman brush, brush your hair from roots to tips with the bristles facing up. This way, the hair strands touch the round cushion reducing frizz.

If you have short to medium length hair, the D3 with 7 rows of pins is a great option. It will help to add definition and shape to your curls. Those with curly hair experience tangles more often. Curly hair will will benefit from a Denman brush with pins that are spaced further apart, which will help to avoid tangles.

Gently peel the top rubber padding out and adjust rows according to your preference.

We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. Prongs can be detached for customized use and the ‘give’ of the rubber base helps facilitate wet-hair detangling. Did you just run the brush curly hair buzz cut through a strand of hair? Then scrunch your hair after using the brush for extra definition. Only brush when there is product in your hair! If you remove a row every row with a D3 medium, it has 3 rows left.

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