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The theater is the location for the college’s Sunderman Conservatory of Music performances, as well as musical theater performances and outside guests. Many traditions and orientation events also shattuck saint mary price occur in the building, which seats 816 individuals in a multi-level main room. Gettysburg College students may elect to pursue a unique interdisciplinary minor in Civil War Era Studies.

While living in Gettysburg, Eisenhower became involved with Gettysburg College. He served on the Gettysburg College Board of Trustees, and he was given an office, which he used when writing his memoirs. Eisenhower’s old office is now named Eisenhower House and is occupied by Gettysburg College’s office of admissions.

However, you should avoid enrolling in a FYS that meets the First-Year Writing requirement and a first year writing course in the same semester, as the amount of writing required for both courses would be significant. First-Year Seminars are courses that have the same expectations in terms of workload as your other courses, and they count as one of the four courses you take in the fall semester. When choosing the seminars you wish to rank, you should look at the timeslots that might conflict with other courses you need to take. While you have a chance to change seminars after your original placement if you discover a conflict, many of the most popular seminars will be full by that time. Take the time NOW, before the online registration system opens, to read the materials we sent you –which are also available online–and to plan your fall semester.

Financial aid in the form of yearly scholarships is available to conservatory students who successfully audition. Engineering students may choose any of these schools to travel to, taking three courses of liberal arts, mathematics, and physics at Gettysburg College, and two years of advanced engineering and physics classes at their chosen University. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gettysburg College and a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering discipline from one of the affiliated institutions. In addition to its many majors and minors, the college offers several programs. The major must consist of at least 17 courses, including a methods course and a 400-level capstone. During the senior year, the student takes a 400-level individualized study capstone which is the culmination of their program.

Note that some majors and special programs require or strongly encourage students to take specific courses in their first and second year; be sure to review the Departmental Advice to familiarize yourself with these instructions. Departmental Advice also provides recommendations from faculty about which courses to take if you are interested in the subject but not anticipating majoring in the field. Gettysburg is known to be generous with financial aid, with over 70% of students receiving some form of aid.

Chemistry majors must ultimately take mathematics through Math 112 or Math 211 and a year of calculus-based physics in preparation for Physical Chemistry. Physics courses are often taken during the sophomore year along with Chemistry 203 and 204 . If you have a question about the Chemistry major or minor, please see the Department website or contact the Chair, Prof. Tim Funk (). The Spanish Major consists of a minimum of 9 courses, beginning with Spanish 301 or Spanish 302. Prospective majors should take Spanish 301 or Spanish 302 in the fall, or as soon as possible, pending placement at that level.

If you are a student for whom English is a second language and are having problems writing in English, or if you just need one-on-one time with a writing tutor while working on a paper, the Writing Center is in Breidenbaugh 109. The college also offers an extensive array of club, intramural, and recreational programs. The 1964 football team won the University Division of the Middle Atlantic Conference championship with a 7–2 record for the first and only time in school history. The 1966 football team also played in the MAC University Division and captured the coveted Lambert Cup, emblematic of northeastern collegiate supremacy, again for the first and only time in school history. Both teams have been inducted into the Gettysburg College Hall of Athletic Honor as Teams of Distinction. The Gettysburg College women’s lacrosse team won the Division III National Championship in 2017 and 2011.

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