Fiji Vs Bora Bora: 6 Key Differences To Know Before You Visit

Bora Bora, Fiji, and Tahiti share similar weather throughout the year. Winter, which runs from May through November, is the busiest season to visit any of these islands. On the contrary, you can visit them when avoiding crowds is your priority. Visiting the three waterfalls on the northeastern part of Tahiti Nui 50mm street photography can relax your body and mind. This place also offers a premium trip to adventurous tourists who can enjoy hiking to Aorai Mountain, the second tallest peak in the world. The honeymooners also come here to enjoy snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, spa treatments, and immersing themselves in Fijian culture.

When it comes to romance, Fiji and Tahiti are the perfect gateways for that romantic getaway or honeymoon that you have been waiting for. Fiji is perfect for couples that are looking for a tranquil romantic getaway to the smaller islands and resorts or you can choose to stay on the main island. The beaches in Fiji are nicer and you will have a true experience of the Fijian culture. Most of the villas in Fiji have the traditional influence and you can enjoy your honeymoon on the pristine white sandy beaches and explore all the fun activities in the region.

The Bora Bora Nui was fabulous, mostly couples and spread out so you had lots of privacy. Although the beach was man-made, it was lovely and very spacious. We had an overwater horizon view bungalow (which was about 1000 sq. ft.) at less than $800 per night including tax/service .

If you want to dive and see the sea bottom of Fiji, then you will see all the creatures at sea level. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the popular activities in Fiji and you can see over a thousand species of fish, hundreds of sponges, and corals. A trip to Fiji is not complete without delving into the natural habitat and thick forests where different animals thrive. The Maldives and Bora Bora are well-known honeymoon hotspots, not suitable for lone visitors.

The disadvantage is that your honeymoon or holiday will be limited to that single island. Below we pit Fiji vs Bora Bora as we look at the cuisine on offer. Hen it comes to tropical island paradises, you can’t get much better than Bora Bora or Fiji. However, other than their stunning sun-kissed beaches and turquoise lagoons, these islands are very different. However if you’re looking for a vacation with the ‘wow’ factor, the spectacular backdrop of mountains beside the breathtakingly blue lagoons of Tahiti and Bora Bora can provide that.

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