Fiji Vs Bora Bora: 6 Key Differences To Know Before You Visit

This group of three waterfalls have pools that are perfect for swimming, all within a spectacular forest backdrop. While there keep an eye on the trees – Fiji is home to many colorful species of parrot. Both islands also have a lush hilly interior which opens up hiking and walking possibilities too. Fiji’s highest point is 1324 meters, nearly twice the height of Bora Bora’s highest peak .

A Bora Boar specialty is poisson cru, which is raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. Pineapple, bananas, and coconut all grow locally and therefore are delicious and fresh. Bora Bora’s dry season, and the best to visit, is from May to October.

This should be enough time to enjoy all kinds of activities offered on the island before you’re bored. The tropical island country has a total of over 300 hotels with more than 7,500 guest rooms as well as 2 international airports and over 25 domestic airports. With both being tropical island paradises, expect an abundance of fruit, coconuts and fresh fish.

Apart from that, there is always Polynesian Night somewhere on the island. For example, it’s at the Four Seasons Resort on Monday and at the St Regis Resort on Thursday. At minimal charge, you can enjoy a great show put on by fire dancers or drinks on the sandy shore.

The Maldives offers superior beaches to Bora Bora, Fiji, Seychelles, and Bali because of unspoiled white sand beaches, azure blue lagoons, and full isolation. Due to the exclusive nature of the islands’ beaches, the Maldives offers the utmost privacy and serenity. The disadvantage is that your honeymoon or holiday what to pack to puerto rico will be limited to that single island. However, when it comes to variety, Fiji may offer a wider range of accommodation options than Bora Bora, such as eco-retreats, hotels, guest houses, resorts, and more. Both Fiji and Bora Bora offer a relatively similar experience when it comes to accommodation.

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