For couples in a stag vixen relationship, how many women enjoy it versus just doing it to make their husband happy? How many women truly enjoy it?

In Stag and Vixen circles, this is known as “reclaiming” and the focus of the couple returning back to each. Cleared payment cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab. A Hotwife is a wife that has sexual relations with men outside of her marriage with the knowledge of her husband. moonrat coin Ben often arranges to have other men come to the house so Susan can please them sexually. A vixen is the submissive woman who is having extramarital sex with her dominant partner’s support. She may or may not enjoy being humiliated during or after the sexual encounter.

Sometimes just exploring our fantasies, as just that—fantasy—can be enough of a fulfilling and exciting experience. The main reason for the creation of my blog was that I knew I wouldn’t be able to share my experiences with my close friends. My friends and I have often shared stories from our sex lives but the talk of threesomes was enough to raise eyebrows and lead to debate, the discussion of wife sharing would blow their minds! I, therefore, needed an outlet for me to talk about my experiences which is where my blog comes into play.

Well, in cuckolding, the person watching is being humiliated. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive or better endowed man who is having sex with the partner. Through reading the two voices of the Secret Stag and the Secret Vixen it is clear that the adventure began from a place of love and deep mutual respect. For example, the first entry in the Secret Stag blog is all about how much he adores his wife and wants her to see how beautiful and attractive she is. After years of trying to give her compliments and her not quite believing them, he wants her to see herself as he and so many other men do. He also adds that as much as he loves watching, he can’t wait for the Bull to leave so that he can ravish his wife.

I’m not going out looking for a future life partner, I don’t feel like I have to conceal things to please. Also known as stags and vixens, where the husband, the stag, actively encourages his wife, the Vixen, to have sex with other men—often referred to as ‘Bulls’. He’s proud of his hot sexy vixen and loves that she gets attention from other men, ultimately knowing that she is ‘his’. Knowing that your partner can have anyone they want and do, but always come back to you—is a very potent and affirming situation. There is a part of the dynamic where the stag ‘reclaims’ the vixen after her fucking adventures.

Another scenario is that the Vixen has sex with a Bull outside of the couple’s shared abode. The Vixen, often known as ‘Hotwife’, has sex with the encouragement of her husband or boyfriend with the Bull (that’s the guy who is servicing her). IT’S certainly not for everyone, but some men get off watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other men.

Our relationship is solid, something I’m so grateful for. Our family and careers are where we want them to be so embarking in the lifestyle hasn’t added any pressure to our marriage only excitement and a deeper level of unity. The holiday season was rapidly approaching and I had now been seeing two regular Bulls for a couple of months.

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