Full Regulation Standard Size Air Hockey Tables For Sale Reviews

They also feature thicker playing surfaces and powerful blower motors that supply pressurized air that is distributed across the playing surface to improve the performance of the pucks. Consequently, these factors along with the dimensions of these air hockey tables make them heavy with weight ranging from 160 to 350 pounds. This is why such models are mainly bought for professional and commercial use.

The table is made out of the same material as the one that is used on the surface of the table. So the table has the same material as the table on the surface, but you have to make a first-step shot with it. A simple addition of one more strategically placed fan would make the air circulation extremely more fluid for the pucks, but we didn’t have that much of an issue.” With the electronic scorer, you can easily keep track of what’s going on without losing concentration. A set of four pucks and four premium pushers are included as extras.

The entire table is covered in graphics including the panels between the legs for better stability. I like that the playing field really looks like ice hockey field so your kids will love it. On the ends of the table behind and below the goals, there is usually a puck return.

The electric scoring system keeps track of the score, but you will have to use the batteries for it so don’t forget to get them. I like the position of the scoring system because it is much simpler to cricut at hobby lobby check the score on the side of the field than above the goal. This might not be a regulation size air hockey table but will keep your kids entertained for hours so it is a good choice for families.

Whether it’s your price range or the available space to put them in, there’s plenty of reasons why these tables might be out of reach for you. As a giant in the tale game space, Brunswick brought air hockey into all sorts of public and home spaces such as arcades and community center. By the early to mid 1970’s air hockey amassed a large amount of popularity. There was even a world championship held in New York City in 1974 which was announced by popular sports broadcaster of the time, Marv Albert.

Air hockey tables are a great addition to your home whether as part of an existing rec or game room or just as a standalone game. If you have a game room you have to check out this classic arcade game console that attaches directly to your TV. It may be nice at first glance to have a sleek and modern looking table, but if the gaming experience is diminished, it isn’t exactly worth the compromise. And aren’t serious enough about the sport to pay several hundreds of dollars for a bigger, nicer looking table with a lot more bells and whistles. Instead of having to resort to a stopwatch to keep track of your game time and a manual scorer to mark down scores. Some people think of air hockey as a simple pastime but it has since evolved into a legitimate sport.

The playing field is made of high-gloss MDF so you can expect a very smooth sail for the puck. It is also equipped with a 120V blower which will result in a fast-paced game. This heavy-duty air hockey table won’t move an inch no matter how hard you hit it and it has leg levelers so you can expect that the playing surface will be completely straight all the time. Compared to the previous product, you can’t expect this model to feature high priced extras like a digital scoreboard or silver finish.

That is not the only size for a full-size air hockey table, but it is the only size for a tournament table. If you aren’t interested in competing on a tournament, you should know that for home or commercial game tables there are other regulation air hockey table sizes as well. All those air hockey table dimensions will offer you a great experience and you will enjoy them, but the smaller full size air hockey table requires less room which is very important. You have to be able to put the table in your game room, living room or any other room you want. Also if you are buying an air hockey table for kids, make sure the dimensions of the table are suitable for your child’s height. Air hockey tables also come in various sizes to offer a fun alternative for those who don’t have the room for a larger table and for younger players.

The interactive table has in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects as well as in-game displays. This is big enough for all of the players to have a rapid, chaotic game, with plenty of room for strategic shooting and deft rebounding. Means this is the optimal area required to play a game of air hockey comfortably . We have to guess because even the official rules, and we checked two of them, do not state the size of the goal. In all of our research not one place mentioned the minimum or maximum size of the goal.

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