Genshin Impact: How to Get the Moonstringer Fishing Rod & Moonfin Location

This is called a period of intense struggle, indicated by the Ideal Tension Zone’s change of color to orange. During this phase, the speed at which you can move the Fishing Line Tension is affected. Completing it will not only teach you the basics of fishing, but it will also reward you with basic equipment to keep fishing.

For the first seven days of the event, one quest or special training will be unlocked each day. In the “Lunar Realm” event, Genshin Impact players will participate in a total of seven fishing missions, along with a “special fishing training” over the first seven days. Hence, Genshin Impact players will need to use the Wilderness Rod to acquire the fish needed to buy the other fishing rods. Fishing spots in the game aren’t marked on the map . There’s a new event in Genshin Impact called Lunar Realm. It’s actually related to the new fishing system, with a backstory involving a legendary creature.

Moonstringer is a Fishing Rod material in Genshin Impact 3.2. Guide includes locations, how to get, & where to get Moonstringer. We refuse the right to reuse or repost content taken without our permission such as data or images to other sites.

However, players will first have to unlock the fishing system by unlocking the Serenitea Pot System and completing the “Exploding Population” quest. Only one quest will unlock per day, and the missions will take place at different times and locations, keeping users on their toes. Moreover, they must use a suitable fishing rod and bait at the corresponding site skålarna to complete each mission. There should be a new icon on the map that indicates where a Fishing Association is As mentioned earlier, the Genshin Impact 2.1 update introduced a number of fishing rods to the game. After doing the Exploding Population quest and acquiring the Wilderness Rod, players should talk to Nantuck once more and check out his shop .

As always, you can visit our tier list, and learn how Pity and 50/50 works. If you want to relax, however, why not try fishing at one of the many fishing spot locations? Remember to also check back regularly for all the latest Genshin Impact codes. But since it’s an event reward, players will have to go through extra hoops before they can claim this prize. Special fishing training will take place at different times and locations. One such activity that’s dropping in with the next Genshin Impact update is the “Lunar Realm” fishing event.

Many Genshin Impact players don’t have the money to get characters from the temporal banners. And from those, there are only a few that can spend enough time in the game to collect enough gems from treasures and events. Now, even for the poor and busy people, there is a chance to get 5 star… Lunar Realm will have certain objectives that players will have to finish in order to gain rewards, similar to other events in the past. Players will have to visit special fishing spots that will pop up around Teyvat and finish these objectives to obtain rewards. Lunar Realm has a total of seven fishing missions and special fishing training.

Registration allows you to post without approval (after your first comment get’s approved) and gibs access to comment reporting system. Highest required number – 6x mystic enhancement ore. If you meet these requirements, go to the marked location north of Inazuma City. This lady is actually the same person who’s selling The Catch polearm and its refinement material.

Fishing is not only part of the exploration in Genshin Impact, but can be pretty useful. Having a good rod and the right bait for each fish is necessary to take advantage of this system. You can find all fishing location in Genshin Impact with Teyvat Interactive Map from miHoYo at here. If your hook lands too far from the fish, its ability to attract them will greatly decrease. If it lands too close by, the fish will be startled and will flee the scene. If the player follows the above-given instructions for the Exploding Population quest correctly, they will receive the Wilderness Rod.

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