Get Paid to Write: 31 Buzz-Worthy Entertainment Markets to Pitch

Please also provide a couple of review or feature pitches that could be your first pieces for the site, as well as two relevant example reviews/articles to give us an idea of your writing style. Before you write for a guest post for our platform, please look at several of our published articles for an insight into style, structure, quality and format of our posts. Your work must be written by you and must be original. And it cannot promote your own brand or company and/or links to your own website. Have we mentioned that it must be exclusive to Hollywood Insider yet? You can share the link to theHollywood Insider article written by you on your social media channels and also your blog/website.

You should search different keywords because the traffic will be more when compared to finding articles that have been written on your subject. Write for Us is a platform where anyone can write articles and get an instant share of the traffic they create. We are looking for fresh, new, and exciting content, not just any old text.


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We are now able to offer paid freelance positions and work on a pay-per-post basis. The content may be based on research, facts, or experience. The guidelines are here to assist you to understand the ethos of Hollywood Insider – which means that everything related to our brand has to use the mission statement as a compass. Moviesda is a streaming site where you can download all kinds of movies online in several languages.

Pitch an idea for an original news story related to books, movies, tv, games, or genre figures. Publishes content on everything readers want to know about the books and authors of eastern Canada. But to support their website, authors may use one author link. Additionally, as affiliate linking is not permitted, all the links should already be added.

I thought this article made some good suggestions on possible markets, but the ones listed here would require experience. I haven’t done a paid music story in more than a year. Honestly, the low-hanging fruit jobs that were easy for me to take on the side (I already have a full-time job) have dried up due to budget cuts. So it’s more time-consuming for me to track down work now, and the paid music gigs are more competitive to land. Variety publishes entertainment business news for a readership of affluent influencers. Got an expert take on the business side of film, TV, music, or theater to offer?

Write us guest post proposal to submit your content on our Entertainment blog to boost your ranking in the search engines. We strongly believe in helping online businesses grow. Well, finding guest post opportunities can be intimidating. However, with a little presence of mind, one can find the right blogs matching their niche and requirements.

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