Gmail app says “No connection ” Help New to iPhone

Please ensure that It is not blocking third-party mail apps like- Gmail, Yahoo etc. If so, you need to go to the Antivirus settings, and here you need to unblock the Gmail app. Whenever the Gmail webpage or app opens for a long time, it might be stuck and cause Gmail says no connection issue. So, to resolve it, you can close the Gmail wait for a while, and then reopen it. When you do this, the Gmail will work from a new basis—in simple words, reopening the Gmail refreshers all the settings responsible for operating it.

This may increase the load on the server and might result in the dysfunction of the Gmail App. You might face some situations where the Gmail app is not loading properly and is taking time to load or not functioning properly. There are many instances in which the app server might be down and that causes the loading issue or the loading error. Check the Gmail app’s Twitter profile or any other social media profile for any app outage news. If none of these troubleshooting fixes resolve the problem, visit the Gmail Help Center for more potential solutions to Gmail issues.

If the problem/error persists, then after uninstalling the app, restart your device. Then, after turning it on, check if there is any available update for your lg nanocell vs samsung qled device. Download the latest updates on your device and let your device boot. Then, after restarting your device again, download the Gmail app and install it.

Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, check the “IMAP access” row, and select Enable IMAP. Select Save Changes to proceed. If you can’t set up Gmail on your new iPhone, performing a CAPTCHA reset can fix the glitch. Tap the red minus icon next to “” and select Delete. This tutorial covers 10 troubleshooting fixes to try when you can’t link Gmail to your iOS device. Check the boxes to select what you want to delete. I like clearing everything if there are serious issues.

I do know that I don’t like the native Mail app so that is not a “solution.” Thanks for any help or insight. In case you need to use Gmail offline on a shared or public computer, you must not forget to delete the offline Gmail cache once you’re done. As of now, the Gmail offline feature is available on Chrome browser only for laptop/PC and mobile phone users . It is important to note that the offline option will only work if you’re browsing in normal mode, and not Incognito. Unfortunately, iPhone users won’t be able to use Gmail app to access the offline feature just yet. It is, however, possible for them to set up Gmail offline through Google Chrome browser app.

If the problem goes away in Incognito mode, this may be the problem. If a browser doesn’t want to load your Gmail account page, there are a few steps you can take to solve this problem. If you are using a different email client, you may have to add the IMAP protocol server settings manually. Here are some tips to get access to your email account. On the other hand, apps like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp perform Okay and connect correctly to the network. An information technology journalist since 2002, David Nield writes about the Web, technology, hardware and software.

Usually, these issues are caused by server-related problems or slow network connections. On the other hand, it can also be due to outdated app versions, corrupted data, or third-party applications. Let’s start with an improved user experience, integration with social media apps, and productivity and collaboration apps for business users and teams. You can download it from the app store and install it on your phone. Then, the app will ask you how you want to verify the account. Losing access to your Gmail account due to a forgotten password is common.

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