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Building a large audience also means an increase in the valuable feedback you will receive. The new audience you are reaching may be more honest with you about your writing than friends or relatives, so they can sometimes be useful in improving your personal writing skills. If you’re publishing your post on a larger website then you are going to benefit from the reach that website already enjoys. This gives a chance to create new impressions and drive more traffic to your own site.

That said there are a few basic rules to follow to meet out standards. Think of Best in Australia as a talent show where the stage is yours to impress people with. We want people who are great with deadlines and have a passion for all things Indian in Australia. You must be familiar with Indian Link before applying, and include why you want to work with us in your email. We generally like our articles to be around 400 words – but anything from 300 – 600 is ok.

Backlinks can be used which can link to your own website. If you meet the requirements and wish to get your work publish, get in touch by sending as a message below. Position yourself as an expert in Australian horse racing. Write from anywhere, whenever and on whatever you want , there are no deadlines or requirements for articles. We’re a digital publication so where appropriate, break up your content with SEO-friendly bold subheadings. If you have knowledge to share or a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.


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Have a look through some of our previous articles, to get a sense of what we publish. Our site has good domain authority, with an ahrefs domain rating of 27, so having a post published with links back to your site (or clients’ sites) will be good for SEO. All of the links you include need to be clear in where they are taking readers as well as being relevant to the content they were mixed in with. While you should obviously never plagiarise, you can still slip up by trying to publish something that has been covered by another writer already.

Because of this fact, a lot of articles can be of low-quality and are spammed around many low-quality content sites. For this reason link-building is only a real benefit if the content and the site it’s being published on are of high quality. Only original, clear, relevant, and well-written content will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, please submit it here. We invite all customers, professionals, and members of the small business community to write and submit a guest post article to BizWitty for consideration. Our contributing authors are usually marketing professionals, with their finger on the pulse of the Australian marketing industry.

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