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Insert only those Anchor text that adds value to your article and is related to the content. Every 100 words, add a pertinent, high-quality image to break up the text and make the content more fascinating. Any post that is not well optimized will be edited before publishing. By submitting a request to become a contributor you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the platform and its fair also applies for your future posts, once approved as a contributor. Photo captions are not included as part of the word count of your article. To submit your request to be considerate as EuroNewsweek contributor, use the form at the end of this guideline and add three article samples and a short bio .


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People can also download the Menswearstyle app and the brand very likely offers in-app purchase options and sponsorships. Building a personal brand –each blogger regularly shares often more personal or opinionated content about their niche and they have built a personal brand with their name on social media and YouTube. Some link their blog with their social media to integrate all activities, services and products they offer and populate them more effectively. She has used her previous experience to become a successful blogger, author and personal coach with branding herself Clean Eating Alice. Via her blog she shares fitness routine tips, healthy recipes and a shop where her books can be purchased. Strangely her YouTube channel does not have any content, but via women’s health magazine her fitness videos can be found.

A captivating title is something that will entice people to read the material. 2 – Links that add value to the material can be included anywhere in the article. Even if it is on another website, the only requirement is that it be of great quality. 3 – Plagiarism-free material is preferred; please do not give us duplicated articles. Furthermore, no one enjoys reading the same stuff over and over.

His blog is full of videos he has uploaded on YouTube since 2009. His dedication to the craft has garnered him over 1 million followers on the platform and it appears that his blog is not in use now. This indicates that his main channel is his YouTube channel and this also becomes evident when looking at his blog, which mainly consists of his YouTube videos. You can see a disclaimer on his blog saying “shopping links are affiliated” – a lot of his blogging income will derive from affiliate marketing. And he shares exclusive videos on Techmoan is creating Videos of New & Retro Tech | Patreon which is a membership site.

These top websites will help you to get organic traffic to your website from the United Kingdom. If you enjoy watching the Formula 1 car races as a hobby you can follow the WTF1 blog off the track to get all the stories around F1 drivers, scandals and more. Go through the videos and quizzes to interact with your favourite sport or join the gaming community featured on the blog. You can also purchase t-shirts, mugs and accessories with WTF1 designs.

Is submitted with all necessary information that you want in the final version—links, link text, etc. Links to credible sources that can substantiate your claims and ideas. Use descriptive link text, rather than “click here to find out more”. Original concepts, compelling and unbiased arguments, high-quality writing. As well as you agree that you are NOT going to publish it anywhere else in the future. Any duplicated contributor profile will be deleted, and the author banned from the platform.

Write for us, expand your article outreach, increase backlinks, and promote your website. We encourage freelancers, professional writers, and individual bloggers to write for us high-quality content to GogetDeals. You can submit an original piece for review that hasn’t been published anywhere else, even on your website, with content written from your own experiences and professional knowledge. We maintain the right to approve or reject any submission without reason. If you are looking for comprehensive nail art inspiration and goodies, then Nailasauras is the blog for you. Each post is keenly curated with beautiful nail art techniques and utensils that will blow your mind.

Having worked for large reputable brands like Mark and Spencer, BBC, and Selfridges, Nikki has had a fulfilling career. She started her blog to help rejuvenate women over 40 years and share her own lifestyle. She covers various topics ranging from midlife to fashion and beauty and offers sponsored posts and gifted products reviews, which is how she earns via her site. She is also a contributor to Bloglovin’ and the Mumsnet Blogger Network and may receive payment for articles she contributes to other related platforms. There is no situation you can have in mind that Hayley cannot help bring out the perfect look for you, especially if you are interested in oversize fashion, with her style tips.

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