Guidelines for Guest Authors: Write for The HR Gazette

A British online, digital publication, which posts articles on HR topics from trends to news, and current issues in-between, including features, interactions, and opinion pieces. Also, check out the editorial calendar for upcoming topics for article ideas. If you want to write for human resources magazines , you need to write a great query letter with a solid story idea. Your content should include relevant and high-quality images for every topic within your content.

If you are submitting multiple pitches in one email, please number them for easier communication. Our team writes as if we are communicating to one executive, directly. We’re not looking for lengthy ledes and feature pieces. Instead, we write as if we were knowing consultants, pulling the executive aside for a quick chat with meaningful information. Link related to any Research or data reference or other Resources that will genuinely benefit the reader and make sense in the context of the post shall be allowed.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

We always seek talented writers who can craft well-researched articles. We strive for top-notch and high-quality content that covers all relevant and essential information for our readers. Before we move forward, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines. This includes reallocating and exclusively publishing submitted guest posts to partner online properties. Senior Executive Media, of course, seeks to maximize traffic to every published piece, optimizing it for search and featuring it on social media and in our email newsletter. We encourage our writers to promote their work on their own social media and other platforms.

Depending on the company, a human resource job can encompass everything from recruiting to training to compensation, or it can focus on a single… Check to see if the topic you’re interested in has already been covered on our blog. Please do not send us topics that we have already covered on our website. Once our editorial team approve your requested topic, you can write the content as per the guidelines listed above. Include relevant and high-quality images for every single point or topic within your content. Simply copying images from other websites or blogs is strictly prohibited.

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