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They are made with thinner bristles to take into account that hair is more sensitive to damage when wet. At Contrado, every product is handmade on-site to ensure the highest quality. We provide a dedicated production service as well as a range of fast delivery options. Introducing a beauty line to your design brand is a brilliant way to reach a huge market.

Here are our top styles of the month that we think you will love. The Hair brush is available 2 strands of hair dyed for $24.28 on her Etsy Store. Plus they have really cute and customized mobile covers too.

For those who want harder brushes, then choose wholesale boar hair brushes. These are made from boar hair for a soft and hard feel. They are of good quality and last a long time.

Our technicians are highly skilled in this top of the range digital printing process which produces sharp details and rich colours. 5 hair brushes printed with flower pattern and their names added. Beautifully done and hope they will treasure them. Homafy is a modern gift store where all products are personalised with love & care. Try Today & Fall in love with the complete range of personalised products. For every piece in our collection, the estimated processing time is listed on the product page gift properties module.

The mix of natural and nylon bristles is gentle on your scalp, while still effectively detangling hair. Print on both sides and showcase your style on the go. Wholesale discounts are available with no minimum order.

We test meticulously so that we know what gets best results on our fabrics, and our facilities cater perfectly to them. We do however print sublimation paper to order, so if you have access to a heat press you can press your fabrics or flat garments easily. Your brush is printed on both sides to offer maximum creative potential and for complete coverage. Hope you guys liked this post and find my shopping experience helpful.

What this amazing people do is the create something absolutely unique for you. I just love being able to give a gift that is personalized. This was a gift that I gave to a very special friend’s daughter. The brush was already super cute but I loved the little extra touch this shimmer vinyl gave to it.

Print your original artwork onto customized hair brushes and expand your consumer offering. They’re an everyday essential for people of all ages, but your unique designs will give customers something totally different to the regular high street shops. Because they’re gentle on the hair, these are perfect for children and adults alike.

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