Hair Type Chart: How to Determine Your Actual Hair Type

These conditioners tend to pack in too much moisture at once, and will cause your hair to be limp. Many people find that when using Thermal Obsession in a blow out, their style is maintained or holds for longer. Plus its a great pre-poo mask to maintain moisture and tame curls. These are true hair treatments with scalp care, and do not replace your conditioner or a typical mask. I have fine, kinky, curly hair, and I loved that the lower temperature settings reduce my risk for breakage. My curls were long-lasting, and I was able to comb out the tight curls for a gorgeous wavy look that lasted almost two days.

Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. – Seriously, we love Wave + Curl Cream so the product is exactly the same formulation, just with a new scent of paradise.

These products are great for balancing moisturewithout adding too much to weigh your hair down. Very drop counts so don’t rinse away our highly potent active ingredients. When used this way, a full-size jar will last about 2 to 3 months on average. It really took only one pass over each two-inch section to make my hair smooth, including the ends. And the one-inch width makes it easy to twist my wrist and style some waves.

Gently detangle each section, starting at the ends and working your way up. After detangling, grab hair by the ends and stretch, moving the blow dryer up and down the length of the hair from end to root. After selected section is 75% dry, run a paddle brush through the hair simultaneously with the blow dryer. Divide kid’s kinks, coils and curls into sections of four or more to make the detangling process easier for you and your little one. Curl Peace™ products add slip to the hair, which is the foundation to gentle detangling. Grapeseed Oil – Lightweight oil used to lock-in moisture and protect against frizz and split ends.

People with the GG genotype at this SNP have thicker hair compared to those with the AA genotype due to the modification of a single amino acid in the protein. Those with the AG genotype have hair slightly thinner than those with GG, but still thick when compared to Europeans and Africans . Since transitioning back to my natural hair after how to repair damaged relaxed hair without cutting years of relaxers, SheaMoisture products have never let me down. I used to avoid hair gel like the plague, but because this one has nourishing and hydrating ingredients, I don’t have to worry about my curls feeling stiff or crunchy. The first person to test this product was our founders mom, who suffers from lupus and other ailments.

ME. UP. This mask was everything I needed for my 4C hair that can get really really dry. I usually lock in moisture with castor oil at the end of my routine, so it was nice to be able to skip that step since it’s built into this mask! My curls turned out super hydrated, bouncy, and moisturized. Micellar shampoo can help clarify your hair without stripping it of moisture.

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