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We are always looking to add more talent to our contributors’ team. Health’s content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Jacqueline is also a group fitness instructor and personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine . In her free time, you’ll find her sweating it out with her family and friends, snowboarding, hiking, or catching up on Bravo shows. Our Medical stream is content written by medical professionals and responds to questions that are clinical in nature. We usually commission our medical writers to write on specific topics rather than accept unsolicited pitches. As an article writer, there is a good chance you might get your application declined if you do not produce an exceptional article for us. This is because our editorial team will be unable to publish your submission without losing the trust of our readers.

She can be found running, reading, sweating in some form, or chasing after her two kids when she’s not editing content and dreaming up new ideas. We love pieces that are bold and challenging, that encourage our readers to look at particular issues from a new perspective or teach them something new. When you are pitching, bear in mind why you are the best person to write this. Our Editorial stream covers all aspects of health that are non-clinical in nature. This includes social and political factors, identity, culture, discrimination, gender, lifestyle, and sharing particular experiences.

Female specific medical research is limited by comparison to male because of the complexity of female hormones. So, topics that could explain or answer questions many women are seeking or offer a new perspective will be enthusiastically considered. Each story should still be thoroughly researched, and fact checked and should include comprehensive information about the topics. Here is our guide on how to pitch to us the types of articles that we publish. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Do you have an article, resource, or story you would like to share on Women’s Health Today?

We believe that our readers have access to well-researched, informative content that is actually useful. That is why, we prefer guest posts that are extensively researched, accurate, and contain in-depth information about the topic in question. We request our guest authors to ensure that the content they submit is authoritative and top-notch. We only nominate the biology, health, and fitness-related content from qualified authors who focus on trending health-related issues.

Spirituality is the basic essence of finding yourself and letting go of the worldly troubles. Spirituality typically involves the search for meaning in life. Our category also includes the practice of meditation and how to find depth in life through it. Our category sums up for readers to become able to find inner peace. In Peace Quarter’s category of Aura, you will find inspiring mindful practices that make you stress free, at work, at home or at school. Moreover, you will also find material related to finding your chakra and other methods of coping with stress.


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Only original, well-written, and relevant content will be considered on this platform we expect the content that provides rich and dependable information about health, fitness, and beauty. These informative posts are crucial for imparting data and information about health and fitness. This is the healthcare platform where you can provide the best training and nutrition information for women by your guest post women’s health. You can develop a complete line of products solely for the benefit of women’s intimate health.

We all suffer through stressful times in life and we must have the ability to change and focus on what is more important and that is nurtured by the practice of meditation and solitude. Please send an introduction to you and an abstract of the story/idea with a punchy headline and two examples of your published work to – please do not send an article that has been published elsewhere. All editorial will be checked for duplication or plagiarism. Though our goal is to deliver quality information to women over 35, some members of the audience won’t be familiar with certain health topics and can be intimidated by medical jargon that they are unfamiliar with. Women’s Health always turns to experts to back up any reporting or advice that appears on site.

Taking care of yourself and making healthy choices can help protect you and your loved ones. Protecting your reproductive system also means having control of your health, if and when, you become pregnant. At Health Dedicate, we not only aim to impart useful information to our readers, but we also strive to do that in the most lucid way possible. So, while we want all posts to be a good source of useful information, we also require them to be easy to read and understand for the layman. So, while drafting your post, make sure that you leave out jargon, fancy words, etc. that may make the article difficult for our readers.

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