Heres Why Google Showcase Shopping Ads are Good for Your ROAS

To work with Showcase ads you need to have a linked and fully functional Merchant Center account. Users can click to expand your ad and see how to exclude a word from a search your products without navigating away from the SERP. Get the latest digital marketing insights and trends delivered straight to your inbox.

For advertisers, they allow you to present more of your product catalog in hopes of earning a click-through and eventual sale. Today, the ad format is still an important method to capture shoppers using broad terms on Google. But the tech giant is doing more than just catering to upper funnel shoppers this holiday season. Recent updates have made Showcase ads appear for more specific queries while the addition of video is giving retailers a new, visual way to promote their brand.

As a PPC professional, you’d have often wondered which campaign type would best suit your goals and business objectives. In July, Google stopped providing the monthly reports on ad text variation metrics. To report on the performance of Dynamic Showcase ads, advertisers can measure pre/post-pilot activation.

Keeping an eye on your impression share metrics, particularly absolute top impression share , can give you an indication of how regularly you’re achieving the top spot. In terms of a structure, Google best practice is to focus on one core Showcase campaign, with high volume categories broken out into separate ad groups targeting those product categories. So, your shopping feed is optimised, you’ve followed our top tips for Smart Shopping, and clued up on our ecommerce tips to boost your sales. And now you’re wondering how to make your Google Shopping campaigns work even harder.

Unlike other Smart Shopping solutions, with Showcase ads you can maintain much more control over your audience and exactly who you’re targeting. Showcase Shopping ads will typically trigger on generic, lower-intent search terms. The ads themselves feature a logo, a headline and a lifestyle image showcasing your brand or products. When expanded, the ad opens into a scroll-able catalogue of your products with price, title and product rating , related to their query, along with a line of description text.

The more specific your ad groups become, the better the match between ad and landing page will become, resulting in a lower bounce rate. A standard practice from Search Ads is to create at least 2 ads per ad group to find the parts that convert best. These are searches that have clicked straight on my shop’s name in the ad.

This means that you are charged when someone spends more than 10 seconds in the expanded ad section or when a product or link is clicked on. For example, a customer may be searching for running tops, then you can show a whole range of running tops that you stock. Google Customer Reviews enables you to collect valuable feedback from customers who’ve made a purchase on your site. Your customers can choose to take a survey to rate their experience with just one click on your checkout page. Product reviews provide critical information to customers making purchase decisions. They also help advertisers drive more qualified traffic to their sites.

It’s better to have multiple ad groups to help categorise your products into very relevant, themed showcase shopping ads. Searchers using commercial but non-branded and non-specific keywords are looking for information, inspiration, and details about their options. When someone clicks a Showcase Shopping ad, it expands and reveals your products.

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