How to Claim & Merge Duplicate Facebook Business Pages

On a mobile device, the “Unofficial Page” text isn’t shown but the “Is this your business? ” button is visible in the menu drop down after tapping the three dots on the right. If, for some reason, you weren’t successful in claiming a page, and you don’t have a business page yet, you can always make one.

Whether your business page already exists or not, you’ll be asked to verify your business through phone or credit card. Follow the directions provided by TripAdvisor. If your business is not already listed, no big deal—look below the listings, click on the link that says, “Add to Yelp for Free,” and fill in the necessary information. You’ll then be asked to verify your account through an email or phone call. If your business isn’t already added, you’ll be prompted to enter in your business address or position a marker on a map to create the business page. If you have a business without a storefront, you can instead click on the “No” option.

It’s a common problem, and Facebook really needs to set up some kind of grievance process. I have an issue that I cannot seem to resolve, and it’s impossible to get support from Facebook, so I’m hoping you can provide more insight. If you can find any way to fix it for them and others, you could probably get a lot of business doing that! Of course, you couldn’t guarantee results bc FB will be FB. No guarantees with anything social media. I don’t have recent experience with merging so you’ll want to check into that thoroughly.

On that screen I’m able to see that the ‘Page Owner’ that owns the page I am an admin of is the same business name. It means I cannot run ads currently (you’d think Facebook would be interested in this). I came across it as I am an admin of my company’s page but not of the page that owns it. Otherwise yes, I would try to give another person full access to the page. Unfortunately it seems impossible to get an actual person from FB to respond, unless you have run ads in the past.

Ric Shreves has been building websites since 1995 and creating digital marketing campaigns for almost as long. He is a former columnist for ComputerWorld magazine and has built websites for some of the world’s largest brands, including BASF, Colgate-Palmolive, and Tesco. Michelle Krasniak is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in content marketing. She has been writing professionally for over 15 years and has a passion for helping businesses of all sizes develop content to maximize their social media presence. If the Facebook page is unclaimed, you will see the label ‘Unofficial page’ under the cover photo. All users of our online services are subject to our Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by the Terms of Service.

Thankfully, these Pages do not have a current owner and you are able to take ownership of them in a few simple steps. Facebook recently removed their chat support for some countries, so from now, one should depend on their support by reporting the issues and concerns. You can also report a duplicate Facebook page using the report duplicates of this place option. Which allows adding a duplicate place’s page URL. It may be helpful in claiming a Facebook page fast.

You’re asked to verify that you’re the owner of the business through an e-mail or a document-verification process. \nYour e-mail address must be a business address . \nYou’re asked to verify that you’re the owner of the business through an e-mail or a document-verification process. If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, you need to claim your Places Page as it shows up in mobile Facebook.

Post on your personal profile to notify your friends to engage with the new Page going forward. Be sure to include a link to the new Page.

Notice that the page for what people have marked location is made when they checked in for that location. This can be frustrating because you have to figure out how to claim, delete, or even merge duplicate Facebook Business pages. It turns out that duplicate Facebook Business pages are common apple store worcester — checking into and mentioning businesses in Facebook posts is very popular. Discover the steps to easily claiming and merging duplicate Facebook business pages. You want to link FROM your store TO your FB business page? I really don’t know what you’re asking or why it’s a problem.

It appears that people with a business account and some spending have access to chat via FB Business help. Is our former employee who was the only administrator of our Facebook page and Business Manager (his FB username is ). According to him, his account was hacked and he is not an admin of the page anymore. I do claim the above mentioned Facebook page and I ask you to assign its ownership to my Facebook profile. Our client recently lost access to his Business Manager and Facebook page. The former employee’s account was hacked and he had to prove that is the owner of the account.

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