How to Create a Perfect CSS Grid on Your Website Sample Layouts

Learn more about arbitrary value support in the arbitrary values documentation. Note that there are lots of approaches to CSS masonry, but mostly of them are trickery and either have major downsides or aren’t what you quite expect. Learn more about the span notation in this article by DigitalOcean. Before diving into the concepts of Grid it’s important to understand the terminology. Since the terms involved here are all kinda conceptually similar, it’s easy to confuse them with one another if you don’t first memorize their meanings defined by the Grid specification.

By default, each cell will take up the width of one column. You can change this behaviour to allow cells to span multiple columns. This feature is similar to ‘cell merging’ in Excel or ‘column spanning’ in HTML tables. The grid-column CSS property is a shorthand that specifies the column grid lines where a grid item starts and ends in a grid layout in one declaration. These shorthand properties can save you time and make your code look cleaner.

Its main article directory displays links to posts in a grid format, each card a preview of its article. For a web page with only two columns, the example above will suffice. However, if you want to have more control over the web page you can use 12 columns on the grid. One of the best features of the grid is that it’s fairly responsive from the get-go. W3Schools shares these additional directions to guarantee responsiveness when using the grid. The last step is making your grid responsive to a mobile layout.

Defines a grid template by referencing the names of the grid areas which are specified with thegrid-areaproperty. Repeating the name of a grid area causes the content to span those cells. The syntax itself provides a visualization of the structure of the grid.

Enable advanced layout mode and specify layout details – the number of columns and rows, and each column width and row height. To do this, set the DataGridView.AdvancedColumnLayout property to the AdvancedColumnLayout object with the specified ColumnDefinitions and RowDefinitions collections. Allows you to stretch the column’s cells across multiple columns within the grid’s multi-row layout . Create equal-width columns that span multiple rows by inserting a .w-100 where you want the columns to break to a new line. Make the breaks responsive by mixing the .w-100 with some responsive display utilities.

The number signature sets all cells in the column to span a given number of columns. By default, Tailwind includes grid-column utilities for working with grids with up to 12 columns. You change, add, or remove these by customizing the gridColumn, gridColumnStart, and gridColumnEnd sections of your Tailwind theme config. Grid-template-columns,grid-template-rowsas a simple list of length, percentage, or calc, provided the only differences are the values of the length, percentage, or calc components in the list.

Rather than writing out the grid-column-start and grid-column-end properties on two separate lines, you can combine them into one line under the grid-column shorthand. To define this shorthand property, make the first number the column line where the grid item starts and the second number represents the column line where the grid item ends. Contributes the nth grid line to the grid item’s placement. If a negative integer is given, it instead counts in reverse, starting from the end edge of the explicit grid. If a name is given as a , only lines with that name are counted.

Thanks to its flexibility, a CSS grid allows web designers to achieve almost any type of layout that they need. It’s great for dividing up the major regions of a page into smaller sections or setting the relationship between elements in terms of size and position. In this example I am creating a grid that contains as many 200 pixel column tracks as will fit into the container with the remaining space shared equally between the columns. In the minmax() function the first value is the minimum size I want my tracks to be, the second is the maximum.

You can think of it like setting the width of the gutters between the columns/rows. You can assign a custom name to a grid line using the grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows line-based placement grid properties to refer to that line by its name. To build a responsive Grid, first set the box-sizing property of all HTML elements to border-box.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the CSS grid, let’s look at basic CSS grid layout examples. Some of the examples below are by web designer Rachel Andrew and cited accordingly. Over time, this specification has been improved thanks to feedback from developers and browser vendors who work together to make the grid a truly effective layout solution. Implemented behind the preference layout.css.grid.enabled, defaulting to false. The country column is configured to span 2 columns when ‘Russia’ and 3 columns when ‘United States’.

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