How to Go Live on Facebook with a Pre-Recorded Video Using Premiere

An effective CTA tells your audience what their next step should be after finishing up. If you’re on Facebook Shops (if not, here’s how), you can make a product playlist in Commerce Manager to showcase your items. If you don’t plan to have a Facebook Shop, don’t worry — you can still show off your goods, just without the product playlist. Show off all the features and benefits, or hidden tips and tricks, of your products over Live.

It’s the perfect way to reach everyone’s fans and followers. Considering YouTube launched their rival premiere feature after seeing Facebook’s, you’ll be right to assume that the concepts are very similar. For scheduling a regular video, you cannot receive the notificationsand use countdown. Notably, you cannot build up a link to share your pre-recorded video. There is no one can watch your video until you release it.

However, edited and repackaged versions of live videos, such as highlights or recaps, may be premiered. On the next screen you’re given a selection of publishing options. Make sure to choose Premiere, otherwise the video will be published as a regular post. After your video premieres, it stays on your channel as a regular upload. Chat replay is available for viewers who want to experience the Premiere chat after it has ended. If you’re looking for more ways to grow your brand through social media, make sure to take a look at my blog.

The video will eventually be premiered on this watch page, so you can share this link on social media channels or email it to your church mailing list. Research shows that online audiences prefer live video. Live videos receive an average of six times more engagement than regular video. We have covered Facebook Premiere and its benefits, the requirements, and a step-by-step process to schedule and publish a video for a Facebook premiere.

Click on a color preset to apply it to your selected clip, and if you like you can tweak the intensity of the preset. Import music and audio clips into your Premiere Rush projects. Or, iphone xs max megapixel you can record voiceovers directly into your timeline. You can edit videos in Premiere Rush, and you have access to the same editing capabilities across your iOS and desktop devices.

Premiere Rush is ideal for creating short videos (~20 minutes or less) that you can share online with your social media followers or friends. Create and share content with high-quality motion graphics, audio, and color for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Create and share content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. It is an indispensable part to choose a nice video editing software when formatting a premiere video for Facebook.

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