How To Photograph Jewellery: A Useful Step-by-Step Guide

For creative jewelry captures, sellers can explore some lifestyle props. Natural materials like seashells and oysters enhance the impact of pearl-based pieces of jewelry. Neckpieces are the highlight of most jewelry sets; hence, it is critical that the photographer showcases them in the best way possible. It is better to suspend a pendant with a long chain so that it does not interfere with the jewelry aesthetic. It draws more attention to the pendant, which is the centerpiece of the jewelry. A pendant stand also makes it easier for photographers to modulate exposure to the light.

Light is often difficult to control when it comes to the brightest, finest components of your jewellery. You don’t want distracting reflections on your glistening gems, either. It’s very obvious on polished metals like silver, and it’s even more noticeable if your design incorporates spherical elements like arches. The most important components of any camera are the sensor and lens, and the larger the camera, the larger these components may be.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. This mistake is based on the same “keep your focus” principle we just discussed. You may think your jewelry will look best when staged elaborately, or maybe you just want to show it in a lifelike manner using a mannequin.

The gems are highly-reflective, the pieces are commonly small, and colored stones don’t appear as vibrant in photos as it is in reality…. It also lets you control camera settings that are critical in achieving high-quality results – the shutter speed and aperture. Blog post that explains aperture, ISO and shutter speed for product photography.

This, along with the below image of the gemstone necklace, shows just what you can achieve using the simple techniques I’ve outlined here. The final photograph of the diamond necklace, achieved using a two light setup. With this lighting setup, I was again able to get a great result using just one light through the acrylic sheet. As with the previous shot, I created a smooth gradient light by shining a light through the acrylic sheet before placing white panels in front and above. This created a complete wraparound of light and added some sparkle to the diamonds at the front.

Use fishing string or thread for things like dangling earrings. This take a bit more time to set up but will produce a great photo. A good idea is to use a piece of cardboard folded in half and stretch the string from one panel to the other, like in the image below.

Once your table is set up, you’ll want to set up your sweep. There are different ways to do this, but the goal is to have your sweep vertical. If you’re not, you’ll need to make something to secure the back of your sweep to.

Here are some creative jewelry photography props you can add to your next photoshoot to improve your product images. When you’re selling a product that is entirely about aesthetics, the quality of your product photos really matters. You need images that are technically perfect, but interesting enough to catch the attention of shoppers. This is why sellers of sparkly things often make use of jewelry photography props. For both creative ads and images to put on your online website, jewelry photo props can add visual elements and provide better angles and styles for your products. It’s self-evident that you’ll have to work on your images after you’ve pressed the shutter release.

Give it to them with aperture settings of f-11 or greater, and set your ISO to as low as possible—preferably ISO 100. Once polished, place your jewelry in the center of the flat part of the sweep. Leave some room to sneak your white reflector card in later.

At first I thought that this was a clever move on band’s part, but it’s not. The first thing that band did was remove the hole from the back of the necklace, and then the hole was put back in the same spot. This would indicate that jaimie geller jewelry the jewelry was not really designed to be used as a jewelry accessory. Band also said that the next time the necklace is worn, he will put it back together again. This is a very common way of trying to protect your jewelry.

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