How To Remove Thumbnails From Google Chrome Permanently

Chrome will have automatically added the website’s address as a new thumbnail for the homepage as soon as you entered the site. Now just close the browser and restart it again. Now, click “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Del” while you have Chrome open.

But it will be annoying in many situations like screen sharing or showing your desktop to others. Anyone can clearly see those thumbnails which is a direct intrusion in your privacy. Here, we will explain how to remove shortcuts from Chrome new tab page. There are three button icons in the top right corner when you open a new tab . To make is that chrome doesn’t automatically display your recent or most visited websites, click on button farthest right. You will see three options (most visited, recently closed, and restore…).

You will see an empty page whenever you open a new tab or new window. First we would recommend you to upgrade to the latest Chrome version so that you can easily remove the shortcuts appearing on the new tab page. The main reason for removing thumbnails from Chrome is privacy. You don’t want anyone to see what you’ve been doing on your computer.

It will reset the site shortcuts and you won’t see thumbnails of most visited sites in New Tab. Before you can add new thumbnails/shortcuts to the homepage, you must first remove the thumbnails that have been automatically set by Chrome. In order to do that, you should hover your mouse cursor over the shortcuts, and then you’ll see a three-dot menu option.

Learn more about clearing browser history in different browsers. However, the thumbnails or favicons will start appearing when you start browsing websites and accumulating the history. Open Chrome and hover your mouse over the thumbnail preview image.

You’ll find the thumbnails have been refreshed with none of the previous sites being shown, instead replaced by a series of grey boxes waiting to be populated. For the next couple of times you open a new Chrome tab, nothing will show as the browser data has been cleared. That will change with use though exclude words from google search so keep on top of everything as you go. Open Chrome and select the three dot menu icon. Alternatively, you may wish to give another browser a go. If so, I recommend checking out Firefox, as the latest versions are now comparatively as fast as Chrome and don’t have the memory hang-ups Chrome is prone to.

I repeatedly remove Chrome web store and next time I launch Chrome it has returned despite using the site only once in a blue moon. Things I regularly access never appear or only after weeks of use. I feel like Google is just thumbing it’s nose at me with this one. I clean up my history every couple of days. I delete the unwanted shortcut thumbnail tile, yet it appears again on every new tab.

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