How to Use Google’s New Showcase Shopping Ads First Click Free!

Use product category filters to ensure the product listing ads that show up with your Showcase ad correlate with each other. Hit save once you’ve selected your targeted selection of products. There’s the option to categorise according to product type, individual products brand, and custom labels. Google does a pretty good job of explaining the particular options for Showcase ads bidding, but advertisers have 3 options, depending on your location. Most users will engage with Showcase Ads without knowing they’re an ad format.

Another important consideration is how vital images are to your Showcase Shopping ad success. Search engine users who see your Showcase Ads are at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. If you want to capture their attention and encourage them to click, you’ll need to use quality images that are relevant and compelling. Your header image should represent either your product category, brand, or business . Instead of having all products in a single ad group, create multiple ad groups for your different product types or categories.

Therefore, it would make no sense to show this searcher Showcase Shopping ads with different product recommendations. So, this is the reason why Google won’t trigger your Showcase Shopping ads for very specific terms like “macbook pro 7th gen 15 inch intel i7 16gb ram 512gb ssd ”. This feature is already available to advertisers using Showcase Shopping ads. Google has expanded video capabilities for advertisers across Google.

You select which products appear in your ads and you also create the additional written content that accompany your product images. This means that you can strategically choose the product images and brand messaging that will resonate best with your target audience. There is no longer a need to create assets for the campaign, as header and feature images will no longer appear with your ads. Unlike other Smart Shopping solutions, with Showcase ads you can maintain much more control over your audience and exactly who you’re targeting. As with all advertising, there are some best practices you should follow to make your ads more successful. A critical one for Shopping Ads and especially for this type of Shopping Ad is to use the highest quality image available.

These ads give users a strong sense of the product you’re selling before they click the ad, which gives you more qualified leads. Now imagine millions of products that technically match your requirements and Google selects just 1. What are the chances you’ll like the product you’re shown then? If you find something you like, you can mindsole then click directly on the image and you’ll get sent to that product page. That’s fine, so long as you exit within 30 seconds of opening the ad, you’re not costing the retailer a thing! The retailer will only be charged when someone clicks on a product within the expanded ad , or remains on the expanded ad for more than 30 seconds.

You also have the ability to use video, rather than an image in the ad. The quality of the image plays a more vital role in your showcase shopping ads than the headline and description. Avoid excessive white spaces, cropped images or crappy stock photos. Now it’s time to create your ad using the Showcase Shopping Ad dashboard. Instead choose a high-quality image that features at least one of your products.

Another best practice is to always use pictures that are free from watermarks, logos, borders, or anything else that detracts from the product itself. You should also ensure there is no excessive whitespace or cropping. Users can click to expand your ad and see your products without navigating away from the SERP.

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