I have made my own Danganronpa Introduction Card! I hope you like it Its fine to repost or share However, its not fine to claim that its yours Just say someone made it. : danganronpa

The next morning, Monokuma sometimes give you a gift to help you out. This includes giving energy or evening levelling up consumables. Also, sometimes a student will wake up super focused and have extra large energy levels. During my playthroughs, this always seemed random of when it happened and who it was. Set Tasks – Have the students rest, clean or search locations throughout the school to collect materials.

So unfortunately the template requires Photoshop. But I do hope someone will make a template that’s safe for other art programs. K1-B0’s secondary talent as Ultimate Hope Robot isn’t mentioned on any of the cards, as all of them list him as Ultimate Robot. On Day 28, fight the bird pursuing Safalin, then buy Fuel from her for 20,000 yen.

If Kurumada is missing, go to the elevator to find him. Get him hooked up to the charger. The goal now is to do actions at the right times to raise the friendship meter, then have Anzu/Sara reconcile when it’s at least about 60% full . For optional hints, go to the library on 5F and take the Green Books, which you can read. Go to the Discussion Room door on 4F and enter. Go to the office and get the First-Aid Kit from the left shelves.

If you haven’t done the optional scene in the Medical Office yet, you’ll be asked to go there now and investigate the “ghost” before doing attractions. Go to the Monitor Room and Relaxation Room to reveal three more attractions at each. After opening both, choose to do one of the attractions you haven’t done yet . Afterward, negotiate with whoever you want. After negotiations, go to the Monitor Room and check on Nao. Choosing “If I were in that situation…” will add 20 to your Hallucination Level.

The goal of School Mode is we, the students, are tasked with making back-up Monokuma’s. We are given a special concept to build off and have a certain amount of time to complete it. No murders and investigating to do here. Just good old farming for items, like it’s a mobile game. School Mode gives you 50 days to make the back-ups.

Select one of the glowing coffins that doesn’t already have a hint and hasn’t been hit. For the target, select either that same coffin, or the first hint coffin if you didn’t hit it already. Select another glowing coffin with no hint. Touch the lower part of the platform with the numbers and circles.

Note that you’ll skip over this segment (about all you miss is the Ranger “negotiation” scene) if you reached 10 Clear Chips early. Do one of the johnny’s tire shop attractions/buy a Clear Chip, then negotiations. Successfully trading with Q-taro here leads to a bad ending once you go to the Long Stairs.

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