I Inserted Boric Acid Into My Vagina to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis by Elle Silver Soccer Domme

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Antibiotics kill bacteria, which can upset the delicate balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina. This allows the Candida fungus to multiply, leading to symptoms such as itching, burning, or pain during sex. Trichomoniasis is a parasitic infection that usually spreads through sexual contact. It causes foul-smelling vaginal discharge, severe vaginal itching, inflammation and pain during urination in women. For health and safety of our employees and our customers, NeuEve vaginal products are not able to be restocked. We cannot accept returns for NeuEve vaginal suppositories, NeuEve vaginal cream, or NeuEve vaginal applicators, due to the nature of our product.

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Chinese Herbs- an individualized formula can be prescribed by your acupuncturist to help both with symptoms and balancing your body’s overall constitution. Please do not go online looking for Chinese 13 folk remedies from around the world that really work Herbs for vaginal infections- this truly is something that should be prescribed by an expert, and purchased from a reliable source . Herbal consultations can be requested through my website.

This creates an environment where good bacteria thrive, which keeps bad bacteria from overgrowing. While research studies have had mixed results regarding probiotics’ effectiveness, the majority report benefits with their use. There is also evidence probiotics can improve vaginal health. I really enjoyed the Vaginal Boric Acid Suppositories + Probiotics & Aloe supplement. After not having sex for 10 years, I started having intercourse again. I noticed slight changes within my body such as my period times changing and even after switching partners, my box area scents started to change.

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