(accessible from the server’s administration pages), as Figure 26–5 shows. Process the file, and an error event is included in the log file if logging is enabled. Component and are made available to other components. Removes this information when they are checked in again. Enter the following information, selecting the Type from the menu.

You can use the wfGet() and wfSet() functions to code data into the companion file, as needed. Settable variables can be set within script or used within a CGI string. For example, the variable IsPageDebug can be used as a parameter for a service call to display debug trace information on a page. Setting one of these variables can change the content of the page. Template-related read-only variables make it possible to create conditional content in a template based on the identity of the template.

Free access to premium services like Tuneln, Mubi and more. The new UI includes instant search suggestions, faceted search results, advanced searches and saved searches. Will the Idoc script be supported going forward in WebCenter Content with the advent of the ADF UI? We will continue to support Idoc for the near future. Will the new web UI also be available for the administrative functionality?

This page has lists of enabled and disabled components. Disable components or add new components to Content Server. Overwrite any default templates, and your customization is easy to identify. Entry are installed and specifies the file name for some entry types. The entryType column defines the type of entry in the manifest file.

RESULTS service to retrieve the search results for the passed query text. Is unable to execute, an error message is displayed to the user. Unable to execute, an error message is displayed to the user. By sofistocktwits querying the database using the content ID as the key. Given a defined user, the service retrieves the user list. Account information strings separated by commas in the attribute information column.

Include calls to SCT_LOG_EVENT in the service script. Logged to a general purpose column in the SctAccessLog table. Sub-services, or services called internally, cannot be tracked. Content Tracker logging service to log events, and manage service call information.

Provides integration technologies to access the functionality of Content Server. Storage, the FileStorage and FileCache tables store the information related to each file. Utilized, and the IdcText table can be created to hold the search index. These files are available in your Oracle JDeveloper instance.

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